Richie Bux – Early Infamy (New Project + Review)

After a string of loosies, Richie Bux just dropped his highly anticipated debut studio album. It’s difficult to bring something new to the table, as hip hop fans are becoming overwhelmed with a constant stream of music Yet, Richie stands as a unique presence.

He doesn’t stay in one lane, as especially evident in Early Infamy. Let’s run through each song- Bulletproof Shopping is reminiscent of the early days of drill, (in content) the new wave of ear shattering production, and a high energy delivery. As soon as EI ends, we are thrown into 8th Grade. The song is a bit regretful, with Richie reminiscing on his trapping ways, and how his Mom was unaware of the trouble he was getting into. (see Guntalk to hear about life lessons from his Dad.) There is still that turn up mentality, but it’s a self aware piece of work.

Make It Out is mostly self-explanatory, but the subject matter switches once again, with Richie’s hope that his music will take him out of a bad situation. Bad Ambition is my favorite, an honest record about the wheelings and dealings of his neighborhood.

You can stream/purchase this album on iTunes here and Spotify I’ve already added it to my Apple Music library, and can’t wait to give it more spins.