Richie Bux – Early Infamy (New Project + Review)

After a string of loosies, Richie Bux just dropped his highly anticipated debut studio album. It’s difficult to bring something new to the table, as hip hop fans are becoming overwhelmed with a constant stream of music Yet, Richie stands as a unique presence. He doesn’t stay in one lane, as especially evident in Early Infamy. Let’s run through eachContinue reading “Richie Bux – Early Infamy (New Project + Review)”


Richie Bux – Glory (The Best Song You’ll Hear All Day)

OK – this is the best song on SoundCloud you’ll hear all day. Las Vegas’ spitter Richie Bux his dropping his new project Early Infamy very soon and apparently Glory is a throw away. Crazy! We obviously have much to look forward to. Hopefully there are some of these soulful cuts on the project, because he isContinue reading “Richie Bux – Glory (The Best Song You’ll Hear All Day)”

Ali Superb feat. Richie Bux – If The Shoe Fits (New Track)

Let me start off by saying thank you to @A20H for introducing me to Ali Superb, Richie Bux and producer AK. All had a hand in this powerful new song titled If The Shoe Fits. AK is easily my new favorite producer. He’s a fan of hard drums at 808’s. It literally shook my crappy Apple headphones. PLEASE giveContinue reading “Ali Superb feat. Richie Bux – If The Shoe Fits (New Track)”