Zip Dot Keeps The Faith On New Track “The Chosen One”

Zip Dot is a flowsfordays favorite – and one of the most consistent artists in the city. The MC makes some of the most underappreciated music in Chicago, but we’ve noticed his grind since his first submission. I always looked forward to something new from Zip as he has never fails to invigorate me throughContinue reading “Zip Dot Keeps The Faith On New Track “The Chosen One””


Zip Dot Is Back With A Bar Heavy Track & Video, “Midnight”

Zip Dot has had a landmark year. The Chicago MC has dropped 10 songs in 2017 alone, and none have missed the mark. With the help of both SoundCloud and YouTube, Zip has built a strong (and growing) fan base. If you’ve been rocking with us for awhile, you already know I’m a huge fan of his workContinue reading “Zip Dot Is Back With A Bar Heavy Track & Video, “Midnight””

Zip Dot Links With Cameronazi and White Shinobi For Another High Energy Banger

Zip – why you gotta go so hard? Zip Dot has been going crazy this year, dropping banger after banger. An easy way to categorize his music is “trap rap,” but there is so much more to the Chicago spitter. While it’s true Zip favors high energy beats, he can also spit bars with theContinue reading “Zip Dot Links With Cameronazi and White Shinobi For Another High Energy Banger”

Zip Dot Drops His Best Visual Yet in the Alternate Version To ‘Back Up’

7 features and a double premiere in, and Chicago’s Zip Dot is still going strong. Zip is a master at bringing high energy rhymes, and making minute long tracks sound like 4 minute epics. In March we premiered his new track and video to the same song you see above, but was full on animationContinue reading “Zip Dot Drops His Best Visual Yet in the Alternate Version To ‘Back Up’”

Zip Dot – Next Up (New Track)

We all need a pick me up. While hip hop fans may have a sub genre they gravitate towards more, it’s always nice to pump up the adrenaline. This feeling is Zip Dot‘s bread and butter. While he may not be the most technical rapper, he makes up for it in enthusiasm and unique personality.Continue reading “Zip Dot – Next Up (New Track)”

flowsfordays Premiere: Zip Dot – Back Up (New Track + Video)

Zip Dot has been featured on our pages so frequently that it actually might be a record. Peep all our posts here. The obvious next step was to premiere some of his new content. This isn’t a typical premiere…as Zip is giving us a double drop. He sent me the mp3 to Back Up (produced by WhiteContinue reading “flowsfordays Premiere: Zip Dot – Back Up (New Track + Video)”

Zip Dot – MATCHTHATSHIT (New Track)

Zip Dot has been on our pages 7 times. Seven. Since we went live, every one of his singles have been posted. Because of this insanity, we have something special coming with him soon. This guy has become one of my favorite “under the radar” rappers in the city of Chicago. He’s going hard, with premieresContinue reading “Zip Dot – MATCHTHATSHIT (New Track)”

Late Night SoundCloud Finds Of February 21st

Daniel Cruz – overthecounter  I heard this song at 1am, and as soon as the bass hit I grabbed my good speakers and went crazy. I put overthecounter on repeat for a good hour, turning up in my bedroom, trying to find a reason to turn it off. Nevada isn’t know for their hip hop,Continue reading “Late Night SoundCloud Finds Of February 21st”

Zip Dot – Kill (New Track)

This time Zip Dot didn’t need to tell me he just dropped a new song. Through time he’s convinced me he’s an artist to keep up with via social media outlets. I went through my SoundCloud stream today and saw Kill and pressed play. As usual it’s a full throttle rap performance with no holding back.Continue reading “Zip Dot – Kill (New Track)”

The Better Half (Best SoundCloud Songs From January 15th-31st)

Hello faithful readers. Welcome to our bi-monthly series The Better Half. flowsfordays will be curating a playlist showcasing the best SoundCloud releases in the last 15 days (give or take, depending on how many days are in the month.) Instead of perusing through your SoundCloud feed, you will now have a simple way to hear the best ofContinue reading “The Better Half (Best SoundCloud Songs From January 15th-31st)”