Zip Dot Links With Cameronazi and White Shinobi For Another High Energy Banger

Zip – why you gotta go so hard? Zip Dot has been going crazy this year, dropping banger after banger. An easy way to categorize his music is “trap rap,” but there is so much more to the Chicago spitter. While it’s true Zip favors high energy beats, he can also spit bars with the best of them. Listeners may not catch it, but it is most definitely there.

In Zip’s newest drop, he tells us “you don’t want it” and it’s actually the opposite for me. Others seem to agree as the track has racked up over 3K views. My favorite single from Zip, Back Up, was produced by the talented White Shinobi. They’ve linked up again for this one, as White adds his quintessential demonic beat.

Featured artist Cameronazi slows things down a bit, with an abstract flow and rhyme scheme. Zip rarely asks rappers to hop on his songs, so you know he felt Cam was a great addition. Stream above and follow him on SoundCloud.

Photo Credit: @djay_films