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Late Night SoundCloud Finds Of February 21st

Daniel Cruz – overthecounter 

I heard this song at 1am, and as soon as the bass hit I grabbed my good speakers and went crazy. I put overthecounter on repeat for a good hour, turning up in my bedroom, trying to find a reason to turn it off.

Nevada isn’t know for their hip hop, but Daniel Cruz doesn’t seem to give a fuck. The song is produced by P. Maison, and with Daniel’s unbroken flow and brash lyrics, overthecounter became my nighttime banger.

In Daniel’s SoundCloud profile he says don’t @ me, but I hope he’s ok with me giving him praise for this record.

E.R.T. x Zip Dot – REFUGEES

E.R.T. and Zip Dot have been tearing up the Chicago hip hop scene for quiet some time. Seeing their collaboration was a nice surprise on my SoundCloud feed. They didn’t disappoint with their equally impressive rapid flows.

I’d also like to note the song was made possible by 3 influential media outlets: The Insider’s Experience, Mindset Music + Illanoize (who premiered the track.)

Rich Espy (feat. Byou) – Get Too Geeked 

Although Get Too Geeked was released over a month ago, I needed to include it on this list as I did hear it last night. Artists Rich Espy + Byou linked and went HAM over the By Law produced beat. The chorus is an outright anthem, that is as equally catchy and it is creative.

Naiym The Wizard (featuring K$UBI KAYY) – Santero 

Naiym The Wizard is a double threat. He raps and produces masterfully as apparent on Santero. He gets his Kanye on with the sampled and stuttering beat. My attention was grabbed further, as he displayed his unique flow and braggadocios bars. Featured artist K$UBI KAYY gives even more depth to the catchy, yet conscious track.

*Santero is off his upcoming EP Godz Forgive & I Do Too.


Dutchman – vague w/ longlost

⚡👻⚡ – VPXLLX

At midnight I found two stunning instrumentals back to back . I’ll let them speak for themselves.

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