Chicago’s Own Dav Paris Digs Deep on Incomparable New Music Video ‘SOMEDAY’S (I GOT ISSUES)

It is impossible to put Chicago writer, rapper and vocalist Dav Paris inside of a box. When discussing music, it’s almost too easy to attach someone’s sound to a particular genre or label it as such and such. Even if I spent hours writing about his latest music video, SOMEDAYS (I GOT ISSUES), it is only through watching that you’ll understand him. I mean all of this with the utmost respect. This is actually one of the highest compliments an artist can receive, especially if they are good at what they do. And Dav is good at what he does.

Dav has been buzzing around the city in recent years, dropping an EP, singles, and even hitting radio stations to discuss his music. Blogs have been covering him from the get-go, and why not?

SOMEDAYS (I GOT ISSUES) is the definition of less is more, containing a gorgeous acoustic backing (produced by GC Beats) poetic musings, and a chorus that is as catchy as it is intriguing. Most importantly, the Michael Kettenbeil directed visual is located in an empty room with one chair, a mirror, and open curtains that let in natural sunlight. The focus is squarely on Dav, and in this brief clip, you can watch his personality shine through. He’s perfectly imperfect; a human being we can all relate to that has an innate ability to convey his experiences and emotions into extraordinary music.


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