Catching Up On Submissions Part 5 (Best Of)

Cayco Coco – Strangers 

‘I see strangers everywhere’ – an important line to Cayo Coco’s latest single ‘Strangers.’ He creatively pulls together this concept through dynamite songwriting and his stark, all-encompassing vocals. Cayo switches back and forth between unique tones and descriptive lyrics that show his range and ability to draw listeners in.

DIE-REK (feat. Rel McCoy)  – Unpredictable

Longtime rappers such as MIKE, milo, and Open Mike Eagle are some of the most popular artists in the world of experimental, potent hip hop. They are creative emcees and have a strong, loyal and growing following.

Unpredictable, a highlight of DIE-REK’s LP The Dying One’s, shows another side of the ILLECT Recording’s signee, promoting the beauty of the very elements of the aforementioned artists. The self-produced cut finds DIE rhyming with the force of a strong wind that becomes a tornado in its cyclical concepts and off the cuff flow. Unpredictable is not a tragic record although it may sound that way to the naked eye. It flows into a soulful cut as Rel McCoy pops up on hook duties with a refrain that practices affection and admiration.

Danny Sky (featuring Mat Randol) – Ever Wanted

I’ve posted Danny Sky’s music before, and for good reason. The duo is not afraid of blending genres to create upbeat, fun grooves that never cease in playability. They recently dropped their high energy single Ever Wanted featuring Mat Randol. All group together to deliver a soulful, southern cut that sheds light on their newfound success and the love they’ve been getting from their home city Portland, Oregon.



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