Musa Reems Drops First Single Off Upcoming EP, To Whom It May Concern

It’s been some time since I’ve written about Musa Reems, but only due to my hiatus on the site. He’s been a strong presence on flowsfordays, and even gave us our first premiere and interview. I’ve watched him grow not only in sound but in mentality.

Nothing New is the first and only single off his upcoming EP, To Whom It May Concern, Musa no longer needs to prove himself best represented in this track. The record is a ferocious, yet short, lyrical assault backed by trap heavy bass & high-hat rhythm. Although nk’s instrumental is exhilarating, Musa provides the tempo of the track, switching from off-kilter flows to rapid bars. He reminds us that his skills have only improved. The lyrical content is a stark expression of fake friends, and the mistrust he has found to be part of his journey as an emcee trying to make it in Chicago.

Crooked smiles & hidden intentions permeate Musa’s life as an artist in an industry as demanding as it is cruel. It’s enough to make anyone give up. Musa hasn’t. To Whom It May Concern drops November 12th.

Artwork below:




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