Sareem Poems & Newselph Drop Effortlessly Smooth Single, ‘This Life,’ Off Upcoming Joint LP

If you still aren’t aware of Illect Recordings, you’re missing out on a LOT of dope music. A prominent signee, Sareem Poems, has been all over flowsfordays, and has never offered anything less than innovative hip hop.

He can switch from smooth nostalgia to lyrical slaughters that will put most emcee’s to rest. Sareem Poems and frequent collaborator Newselph are working on their joint album, and to keep up their buzz they’ve unleashed its second single, This Life. The record is an absolute gem; guitar-laced, uplifting, and as effortless as you can get. Sareem Poems slowly dips into the soul ridden instrumental provided by Newselph, enveloping us with warmth and delicate verses. James Gardin slips in a memorable story about an Uber drive with slick wordplay and references to Marvin Gaye and De La Soul. This Life would not be complete without Macklyn who provides the song’s chorus, reminiscent of vintage 70’s R&B.

Get in tune.

Stream on Spotify here.

Stream on Apple Music here.


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