DeadstockV1’s “Nightmare in Sudan” Will Give You Chills

I always get super psyched when DeadstockV1 drops new music. He is the type of artist to spend hours perfecting just a single line in a verse, and as a result of his insane work ethic, he never fails to blow me away.

However, his new single, “Nightmare in Sudan,” is perhaps his most powerful track yet.

The instrumental is staggeringly gloomy. There’s a beautiful piano loop that plays throughout, which meshes nicely with the heart-wrenching female vocals fading in and out of the background. He offers a ton of food for thought, but given the heavy subject matter at hand, Deadstock sounds more poignant than ever.

The first verse sees Deadstock feeling utterly helpless. He smells the blood of deceased innocent civilians, sees the destruction that is ripping apart these people, and knows he cannot help. Conveying all of this through a creaky vocal delivery, Deadstock sounds like he’s on the verge of breaking down. He also criticizes the media for focusing their attention on things that pale in comparison to what is truly going on in Sudan.

A common thread between these 2 verses is Deadstock desperately wanting to connect with the people who are enduring this nightmare. If this masterpiece of a track serves as anything, it is a pensive outcry from an artist in shambles.

It takes a very special kind of artist to even attempt to make a song covering this tough subject matter. The ongoing war and bloodshed taking place in Sudan right now is a crisis that should be receiving wall-to-wall coverage in the news. It now becomes the job of social activists and artists to raise awareness. DeadstockV1 shows he has more than enough technical ability to do all of that and more on this record.

Stream “Nightmare in Sudan” on Apple Music here.

It is also available on all streaming platforms.


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