Jay Wonder Gets Sentimental On “Don’t Fall In Love”

This is my first time coming in contact with Jay Wonder, but damn, his new single “Don’t Fall In Love” is blowing me away.

The beat for this cut, which is produced by hamzah, is jazzy and subtle. The first thing I noticed about this instrumental is how much it reeks of J. Dilla influence. Come to find out, there’s actually a Slum Village sample on the track. The guitars are melodic and dreamy as if they’re singing someone to sleep. The bass is a gentle murmur, humming along at pace that shows it has nothing but time on its hands. Listening to the instrumental by itself is a trip worth taking.

Lyrically, Jay Wonder is heartbroken. He plays the role of jealous lover as he helplessly reflects on a love interest he longs to have in his arms again. However, he shows no contempt towards her. She’s with someone else and he only wants what’s best for her.

Wonder’s flow moves at a laid back pace throughout. His voice sounds like that of a man who is composed despite the heartbreak that inevitably creeps in. Wonder’s lyricism is really what’s driving the emotion here as he drops lyrical daggers bar after lovesick bar.

This song is not a club anthem or a soundtrack to your summer. Instead, it is a revealing diary on what it means to love and let go — and how Wonder puts that emotion into song is as ineffable as love itself.

Don’t Fall In Love” is available on Soundcloud, and can be streamed by clicking on the link above.


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