West Coast Artist Macntaj Returns From International Tour With The New Single “Live Enough”

Aren’t we all a little crazy? Artists are able to channel that into their music, while us common folk have to listen to tracks that mirror whatever we are going through.

I needed to hear Macntaj today. The West Coast rapper has had an amazing run this year, hitting XXL.com, collaborating with Gunplay, and even performing in India. Sure, his rap sheet is long, but his music is on par with the opportunities he has received. I have no problem admitting I’ve been feeling fucked up lately. Submissions pile up, and while I’m just getting to his October release, Live Enough, the song is a perfect representation of my confused state of mind.

Taj is an unusual rapper. He’s one of the most talented MC’s I’ve heard in awhile, but not in the traditional sense. Give Live Enough a listen, and you’ll hear the offbeat genius that he bestows upon the sinister Michelangelo produced beat. Aggressively on point, Taj stays in the pocket with adlibs galore, evoking his demonic thoughts and feelings. I’m about to peep all of his music I have missed, and I have a feeling I’ll learn more about myself through every track.