Cory Grindberg Steps Into The Spotlight On His Debut Instrumental EP ‘Uma’

There are hundreds of thousands of instrumental EP’s on SoundCloud. If you lived to be 200, you still wouldn’t have time to listen to them all, as new bodies of work are uploaded every day. For fans of the genre, I’ve always wondered – what makes you listen to one versus the other?

It’s not often that you find a tape that caters to a beat head of any kind. Enter Uma. Uma its the debut project from producer Cory Grindberg, a Saint Louis native who has worked with the likes of Saba, Lucki, Joseph Chilliams, and Ric Wilson.

Cory has used SoundCloud to test the waters as a solo artist, releasing a string of loosies over the last year. The feedback was overwhelming, giving him the confidence to work on a full EP. Uma is all you need to wake up in the morning, your own personal shot of espresso, the cold shower you desperately need. It will grab you by the throat, make you dizzy, and get your heart pumping. There is no room to relax, as the intro is filled to the brim with electronic blips, stutter steps, and a wide range of instruments.

I mentioned that Uma will cater to any fan of production, and here’s why. He hits every sub genre on the head, and pushes it the brink. You’ll find a melting pot of electronica, classical, hip hop, r&b, funk, and so much more. I can’t imagine how much time Corey put into this.

This is a hell of a debut. Give him a follow on SoundCloud to thank him for his work.  “Name your price” on BandCamp and stream on Spotify below.