EL.i.BE. Stays Fearless In The Wake Of The Tragic Shooting Of Philando Castile

More horrific evidence/ footage surfaced yesterday in the tragic shooting of Philando Castile. When video after video surfaces of the mistreatment of African Americans, I often have an out of body experience; flabbergasted as cops act like animals with no remorse. Heartless, fearful of their own pain inside, and obviously suffering from some severe psychosis.

I am white, but my best friends in the world are black, and I feel immense pain every time I read about a police officer getting off the hook. In the case of Philando, the police officer who shot him, Jeronimo Yanez, was acquitted of all charges. I often shed a tear when I see this news; and know I will never know the true meaning of racism.

I care more than you can imagine, so it’s only right I post the new music video from EL.i.BE. Balance was inspired by Philando, and others whose lives have been cut short by police aggression. It is VITAL to watch if you are an American. The content is superb, with compelling rhymes that never slow down. EL.i.BE. gives a stand out performance coming straight from the heart.

It’s always amazing to hear rappers speak their mind on this, and often don’t have a hint of anger in their voice. They replace pain with hopefulness and determination to make things better for their community. I will continue to have the utmost respect for these individuals that stay fearless and know they will be happier than bigots who hate anyone that is different.