Marko Stat$ – Bee-4 I Fly Away (New Project + Review)

Ahh! It’s finally here! We have endless amounts of respect for Chicago’s Marko Stat$ (just check our countless posts on the emcee.) It all started when we interviewed producer Aced Spade, who shared his alliance with Marko. A year end list, interview and feature on our compilation tape later, we now have his newest project Bee-4 I Fly Away.

On a personal note, I have been waiting for a full length from Marko since his debut. It dropped many years ago, and after monthly listens, I wanted something new to digest. After countless loosies and visuals, I was tempted to ask him when his next tape would drop, but decided to wait. Thankfully, it was more than worth it.

His debut was much more boom bap, and Bee-4 is lighter on the ears. It was great to see Marko try something new, as he’s proven he’s hard to match lyrically. Throughout these 10 records you’ll realize he is also capable of crafting bright and lush songs.

Previous singles like Jubilation and Nobody are here, but it is the brand new tracks that I enjoyed the most. Moving Forward II is the most essential, as it feels like Chicago from beginning to end. Marko shows his vocal range; combining a smooth and melodic flow with inspirational lyrics and a catchy chorus.

His experimental side comes out with an abstract interlude that oddly enough became a standout. A big selling point for the project was a feature from flowsforday’s regular Ajani Jones, who continues to take Chicago by storm. New to my ears is Bimi, but I’m glad to have come across him as he contributed well to This Life.

Let’s not forget the incredible production from Aced Spade, who STILL fits Marko like a glove. Equally impressive are WIZE (who actually produced Moving Forward) and Madbliss. Bee-4 I Fly Away was crafted with care, and should make year end lists across the web. I’ll end with a personal message from Marko himself:

These 10 Tracks symbolize and represent my current state of well being over the last year or so. It’s been such a beautiful struggle that I will forever cherish. This project will capture the Ups, the downs, the feeling of love, and even the devastation of heartbreak. I will display my growth as an artist and as a human being.

Bee-4 I Fly Away is available for free download, and I suggest you hop on that quick.


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