Aced Spade Reveals Upcoming Plans as a buzzing Chicago Producer (Interview)

Chicago up and coming producer Aced Spade has tons of collaborations in the works. He revealed some in our interview below, but there is even more in the vault. He’s a very talented and versatile producer, able to spin together all types of instruments into a cohesive piece. You’ll hear it in his recently released full album PVO (Positive Vibes Only.) The title of the project is a perfect representation of Aced as a person, producer, and collaborator.

He has a show coming up on the 11th of November at the North Bar that will include him and some rapper friends performing some great hip hop music. I’ve made it easy to buy tickets by clicking this link. It’s sure to be a great set (learn more below.)

We had a great conversation with the hard working Chicago beat-maker below. You can also catch some of his music above.

Hey Aced, thanks for sitting down and talking to us. How are you doing on this dreary Wednesday?

Thanks for having me. And I’m good. You know a little tired cuz it’s dark out. All gloomy and shit.

Yeah…winter is coming in Chicago. Supposed to be a bad one this year. So what’s on the agenda today? Making any music?

Aw damn. Don’t say that. Don’t speak that into existence. Haha. But yeah, definitely making some music today. Don’t want to spill out too much though, but let’s just say I don’t think people are ready with what’s going to drop soon. All I will say is that I’m working on some crazy shit. Lots of people know my work from hella songs I did with Marko Stat$ (shout out to Marko) but there are many other artists that I’m working with. Won’t reveal them now but you should definitely keep me on your radar to find out.

Oh for sure, we expect nothing less. So I was actually first introduced to you when I checked out the new Marko Stat$ visual “Free.” Saw you in the production credits and I was like I gotta follow this guy on SoundCloud. Definitely an impressive piece. Tell us how you initially linked with Stat$. how long have you been working with him?

Haha. Thank you, thank you. And actually “Free” is me and Marko’s track cuz the song is from my album “PVO” which means Positive Vibes Only. Elevator made that mistake and didn’t but me in the headlining credit but it’s whatever. I’m glad that people are rocking with the song and the video. And thank you. I really appreciate that. Funny story about how me and Marko linked up. So, many years ago when we was shorties, we always saw each other around uptown at the Boys and Girls Club and we would just be like “what’s up” and that was it. He would be hooping with the homies and I’d just be practicing by myself cuz I sucked at basketball.

Fast forward to freshman year in college, we ended up going to NIU and he started buying my beats. There was one beat in particular that he wanted and I thought it was weak so I just gave it to him since he bought 4 of my beats. A couple weeks out of nowhere, he made a video to it and then couple days after that, some blogs did a write up on it! So thenwe just started working. And yeah. We’ve been working together for like 3 or 4 years.

Wow thats crazy! I actually went to NIU at one point too…small world. What other artists have you enjoyed working with?

Oh wow, that’s funny! Other artists that I worked with is King Osa, Deba, Jake Mela. They are my Northside homies. And then there’s this beautiful girl I know that sings, her name is Bimi, definitely look out for her.

Dope, we’re looking forward to that. You also rap, am I correct on that? Show coming up soon right?

Kinda haha. I can freestyle but that’s for fun. And YES. I have a show Nov. 11th here in Chicago at the North Bar. And I will be Dj-ing, playing released and unreleased music.

I hope all my readers will come out. So how did you catch the production bug? What music did you grow up listening to?

Hell yeah! It will be lit. And to be honest, I’ve always had so much love for music since I was a kid. My mom influence me the most because of the various genre of music she would listen to, from UB40s, Fela Kuti to Q-tip, Timbaland, Pharrell, to Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and many others. Because of her, I

like every genre of music except for country. Haha I don’t know why but I can’t get into it. My mom loves country and I don’t understand how, but I guess you can’t like everything your parent likes, right? Haha.

I can’t do country either man…it shouldn’t even be called a genre haha. So what artists inspire you? Who are some producers you look up to? Where do you draw your influences from?

Some artists that inspire me are Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, and hella others to be honest haha.  Now producers, there’s so many that are so dope but I’ll just name a few. I look up to Timbaland, Dr. Dre, J Dilla, Nujabes, Pharrell and like I said, hella others haha. When it comes to my music, I get inspired from anything really. Like what’s going on in my life or even talking to people or sometimes just random inspirations.

You couldn’t have listed a better stack of and artists. With the producers especially they are all very different in style. Do you feel like you are very versatile as a producer? Can you pretty much make any type of beat?

Haha. Gotta list the greats. And HELL YEAH! I hate being subjected to one style. Like why not fuse hella elements together. Because of that, that’s why I feel like I can make any type of beat

Versatility is important in my humble opinion. So lastly what can we expect at the show on the 11th? And any last thoughts?

Same here. Same here! So for the show, like I said, there will be track that I’ve dropped and tracks that I haven’t dropped and may never be dropped, so it will be exclusive haha. And I’m bringing some friends to perform live songs that I’ve produced. It’s gonna be lit!

Dope dope. Thanks for the sit down man. Keep us updated. 

Thank you for having me!


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