Aced Spade – BNW (New Track) (FFD Premiere)

Aced Spade can do it all. Produce, make instrumental projects, and flip well known tracks into, what sounds like, a totally new track altogether. This is the case with his latest, BNW (Brand New Whip). He’s taken Lil Baby & Drake’s Yes Indeed and added an ethereal, woozy, vibe-heavy element that is far from theContinue reading “Aced Spade – BNW (New Track) (FFD Premiere)”


FFD Premiere: Marko Stat$ x Aced Space – Dead Famous (New Track)

Listen – I’ve been alongside Marko Stat$ and Aced Space since the beginning. Premieres, posts, interviews, and even in home visits. Trust me when I say Dead Famous is their most ambitious endeavor yet. It clocks in at over 5 minutes but has a number of interludes and progressions. Aced Spade uses a backdrop of SuperContinue reading “FFD Premiere: Marko Stat$ x Aced Space – Dead Famous (New Track)”

FFD Premiere: Marko Stat$ – Pedal To The Medal (New Track)

flowsfordays was launched in late 2016, and since the site’s inception Marko Stat$ has never stopped showing up on our pages. He’s remained an integral part of the more conscious Chicago hip hop community – and one of the best to ever do it. We’ve hosted premiere’s from Marko before, but it has been awhileContinue reading “FFD Premiere: Marko Stat$ – Pedal To The Medal (New Track)”

Marko Stat$ And Aced Spade Expand Their Reach On Eclectic Collab ‘Never Be a Robot’

Whether you like it or not, Marko Stat$ has become a staple in the Chicago hip hop scene. He’s always had the bars, flow, and delivery to back it up, but that can only take a rapper so far. Lately, Marko has gotten super experimental and creative with the help and guidance of his rightContinue reading “Marko Stat$ And Aced Spade Expand Their Reach On Eclectic Collab ‘Never Be a Robot’”

flowsfordays’ Co-Signs #3 (Playlist)

  With over 300 submissions a month, it’s hard to write up all the songs I love. I am a one man operation and go through all submissions, along with premieres, interviews, my PR business, and more. It can get overwhelming, especially since I discover such gems in my inbox. To ease your listening pleasure,Continue reading “flowsfordays’ Co-Signs #3 (Playlist)”

Marko Stat$, Aced Spade, & Their Squad Star In New Music Video ‘WADDUP’

Last year Marko Stat$ dropped his much anticipated full length Bee-4 I Fly Away. The success of the project resulted in accolades, respect, and a number of performances. I knew he had it in him from the jump as I interviewed him back in 2016. His right hand man Aced Space handled the production on the LP, andContinue reading “Marko Stat$, Aced Spade, & Their Squad Star In New Music Video ‘WADDUP’”

flowsfordays Premiere: Aced Spade – I’m Feeling

Aced Spade is a flowsforday’s OG. The undeniable talent is matched only by his dedication to his craft. One of my most anticipated EP’s of the year, Marko Stat$ Bee-4 I Fly Away, was executive produced by Aced, and features some of his best work yet. Let’s not forget his solo pieces; a plethora ofContinue reading “flowsfordays Premiere: Aced Spade – I’m Feeling”

Marko Stat$ – Bee-4 I Fly Away (New Project + Review)

Ahh! It’s finally here! We have endless amounts of respect for Chicago’s Marko Stat$ (just check our countless posts on the emcee.) It all started when we interviewed producer Aced Spade, who shared his alliance with Marko. A year end list, interview and feature on our compilation tape later, we now have his newest project Bee-4 I Fly Away. On a personal note,Continue reading “Marko Stat$ – Bee-4 I Fly Away (New Project + Review)”

Marko Stat$ + Aced Spade – Jubilation (New Track)

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know we are HUGE fans of rapper Marko Stat$ and super producer Aced Spade. Both are some of the brightest underground stars in hip hop, period. Marko releases music sparingly, but it’s all worth the wait and for the greater good. He’s been working withContinue reading “Marko Stat$ + Aced Spade – Jubilation (New Track)”

Marko Stat$ + Aced Spade – Love It (New Track)

Marko Stat$ JUST hit me up about a new tune he recently put out. I was all over it – as usual. The always working duo of Marko + producer Aced Spade have come together for a space age and soulful cut titled Love It. This seems to be a loosie for now, but let’s hope moreContinue reading “Marko Stat$ + Aced Spade – Love It (New Track)”