flowsfordays’ favorites Ajani Jones, Marko Stat$ & banksthegenius Link for One Of The Best Collabs of the Summer

God damn, god damn. Before you stream Ajani Jones’ newest record, peep the credits. It features Ajani himself, flowsfordays’ favorite Marko Stat$ AND producer extraordinaire, banksthegenius. This is a match made in heaven. As soon as it came up in my feed I experienced anticipation not felt since Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.

To catch you up, Ajani is coming off a HELL of a debut LP, Eternal Blissthat exceeded my expectations. We’ve been covering him since the very beginning of his AEMMP signing, and have continued to write extensive reviews. You can view Eternal Bliss’ feature here.

I was surprised that it took me so long to recognize the similarities between Ajani and Marko. They both spit rapidly, speak in-depth on relevant topics, and favor gorgeous instrumentals. This collab is one of the best the city has seen in A LONG time. Let’s not forget Marko dropped a highly anticipated and celebrated sophomore LP Bee-4 I Fly Away (review here.) It was meticulously crafted, and superbly sequenced.

An important line from Maintain: “I’m a titan that’s fighting for freedom.” The bar captures the overall theme of the record. The title is significant as well, as Ajani AND Marko lets us know that just because their LP’s dropped, they aren’t slowing down. As always, Banks provides the serene instrumental, proving, once again, that he has no flaws in his discography.