Säge, The 64th Wonder Does It For His Dragonball Z Fans On His Newest Song “Genki Dama”

Just a few weeks ago we premiered Säge, The 64th Wonder’s newest record Slumpgang. I did an extensive write up – one, because the man deserves it, and two because it has become my favorite from his extensive output. As I’ve always said, Säge never stops working, putting content on SoundCloud almost obsessively. This isn’tContinue reading “Säge, The 64th Wonder Does It For His Dragonball Z Fans On His Newest Song “Genki Dama””


Säge The 64th Wonder – God’s Hand (New Project)

Chicago’s underground legend Säge The 64th Wonder has a remarkable work ethic. He has put out an insane amount of LP’s in his long and fruitful career, and each one has a particular focus and sound. The one constant is – it’s great work. Säge was recently involved in an accident, and it was no bump onContinue reading “Säge The 64th Wonder – God’s Hand (New Project)”

Säge, The 64th Wonder – Phoenix Rising (Video)

A statement needs to be made: Säge, The 64th Wonder is one of, if not the most, underrated rapper out of Chicago. He puts out content frequently, and his fans can attest that every album, single and video are A1. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and learning more about his creative process. His visuals areContinue reading “Säge, The 64th Wonder – Phoenix Rising (Video)”

Säge, The 64th Wonder – Dead.Villain (Video)

Always working Chicago emcee Säge, The 64th Wonder tends to release dope visuals. His track record is consistent, not only on the music video tip, but on singles + full length projects. He’s a legend around here – and well respected for his abstract, lyrical skills. He only puts out well thought out and executed content. About a weekContinue reading “Säge, The 64th Wonder – Dead.Villain (Video)”

Säge, The 64th Wonder (feat. Orlando Coolridge) – A Stardust Memory (Video)

Man…Sage has been killing it. He recently put out the audio to song A Stardust Memory getting his MF Doom on. I usually have to go to older (and classic) albums to hear music like this, but Sage has brought it right into the city of Chicago. Right after the track dropped he threw the officialContinue reading “Säge, The 64th Wonder (feat. Orlando Coolridge) – A Stardust Memory (Video)”

Talking with Säge The 64th Wonder on new single ‘Gold Dirty’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Chicago emcee Säge The 64th Wonder has peaked my interest since my early years of posting his music. Now he’s dropping the best music he’s ever created (in my humble opinion). The surprise Album on X-Mas is quite good and much appreciated. My favorite track on the album (and of the week) is Gold Dirty featuringContinue reading “Talking with Säge The 64th Wonder on new single ‘Gold Dirty’ (Dissection Interview Series)”