Säge, The 64th Wonder – Dead.Villain (Video)

Always working Chicago emcee Säge, The 64th Wonder tends to release dope visuals. His track record is consistent, not only on the music video tip, but on singles + full length projects. He’s a legend around here – and well respected for his abstract, lyrical skills. He only puts out well thought out and executed content.

About a week ago he dropped a single off ANOTHER upcoming project Dead.Villain. It’s strong offering, and completely self produced. Videographer  went crazy, finding the perfect shots to compliment his erratic, yet impressive flow. Check around the 4:15 minute mark for a great sequence of Säge riding through city in the dark of night.

This emcee continues to put on for the city, and is even going on tour soon (stay tuned.) He recently launched a dope multi faceted site that you can check out here. Don’t forget to follow him on SoundCloud.