Säge The 64th Wonder – God’s Hand (New Project)

Chicago’s underground legend Säge The 64th Wonder has a remarkable work ethic. He has put out an insane amount of LP’s in his long and fruitful career, and each one has a particular focus and sound. The one constant is – it’s great work.

Säge was recently involved in an accident, and it was no bump on the head. Still, he pushed on, delivering another solid body of work in God’s Hand. The title may be a reference to his possible near death experience, (he hasn’t given many details) making this his most meaningful project yet. A lot of the production comes from a figure called “God’s Hand’s,” so my guess is it’s Säge, as he often uses his own beats for his music. Mind you – this is just speculation.

The usual characters are here…asian influences (samari’s, anime, etc.) the metaphysical, and his distinctive blunt delivery. As previously mentioned, God’s Hands is different in sound and energy. He is more vulnerable and questioning more, with production to match the new mindset.

Säge is always generous with his music, so the project is again available for free download. Take advantage while you can.


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