Säge, The 64th Wonder Does It For His Dragonball Z Fans On His Newest Song “Genki Dama”

Just a few weeks ago we premiered Säge, The 64th Wonder’s newest record Slumpgang. I did an extensive write up – one, because the man deserves it, and two because it has become my favorite from his extensive output.

As I’ve always said, Säge never stops working, putting content on SoundCloud almost obsessively. This isn’t meant as an insult in any way, as I too can attest to the need to create almost every day.

His newest, GENKI DAMA, is an addictive record for his fans new and old, and specifically for Dragonball Z fanatics. Another production credit comes from “God’s Hands,” an unknown figure that makes the dopest beats.

Säge has an incredible ability to switch flows, delivery, and topics on any song he chooses. He does that again on GENKI. He admits he’s broke as fuck, but will continue to rise above hardships. The instrumental is HEAVY on the bass, but doesn’t rely on it to push the song forward.

Give him a follow on SoundCloud so he knows it’s real.