Talking with Säge The 64th Wonder on new single ‘Gold Dirty’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Chicago emcee Säge The 64th Wonder has peaked my interest since my early years of posting his music. Now he’s dropping the best music he’s ever created (in my humble opinion). The surprise Album on X-Mas is quite good and much appreciated. My favorite track on the album (and of the week) is Gold Dirty featuring Professor Mic. I loved the song so much I was inspired to get down and dirty on the creation of the track. Peep the interview below and stream/buy the album.

You dropped your new single Gold Dirty (before the new album) just 6 days ago. Talk a little bit about why you decide to release it now.

I decided to release it because I felt I needed new listeners. I’ve always been hesitant with adapting to new styles before mastering my current. I feel like if I hadn’t dropped the EP it was on which is titled “Album on Xmas” I would’ve missed out on the people I met this week. Simply because it got around quicker than I thought.

What was the process in creating it?

Creating the song was pretty crazy haha. Professor Mic and I were in the studio high as fuck and I was broke as shit. WE were both hungry and I already had him purchase  smoke so I had to finesse some Uncle Remus. Once we grabbed that and ate I started working on the beat right then and there just to prove food helps! Hah, but yeah once I was 25 min into making it I looked at him and said “shit this is as good as it’s gonna get let’s lay bars over it before we fall asleep or some shit.”, and so we did just that. Recorded the track Gold Dirty.

For the record this is my favorite track of the week by far. Have you gotten a good response from it?

Whoa. That’s dope! I didn’t know it was a favorite that’s good to know. I’m happy you resonate with it! SO far we have. Professor Mic himself has been promoting the hell out of the song as well, so I’m sure all of the people engaged with him have heard it. Its definitely a banger in our arsenal.

You produced Gold Dirty. The sound blew my mind. It wasn’t just “trap,” it incorporated so many elements. How long did it take for you to create the beat? Were you inspired by anything? 

It took me about 25-30 minutes to make the beat.  I’ve recently started messing with the way my beats “Wang” or the “Way of the 808”, so the inspiration I can say honestly came from just hearing my fam and collaborative peoples create.

Professor Mic is featured on the track. How did you link up with him? 

Professor Mic and I been homies for years and I’ve supported the WWNNN Collective since day 1. He as well is apart of the SLUMPGANG777 Collective, So for us to work isn’t really nothing but it was still cool as fuck nonetheless.

Shikigami Jazz, your upcoming LP, will be released on Christmas which is just a dope concept in general. What can we expect from it?

You can expect a lot of different vibes coming from this project. You’ll get a perspective of how sage loves, hates, and tolerate. You’ll also be hit with nostalgia  if you’re on the right wav. Shikigami Jazz is a genre of music for myself to grow and develope in. This LP will be the debut for that sound and I am excited to expose everyone to it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to flowsfordays! Any last words/shout outs?

Follow me on all my social medias at @the64thwonder literally. My LP drops on Christmas and I’m still figuring out where imma shoot it to, but shoutouts to everyone who rock with me. Much love to my SLUMPGANG777 Family listed below:

Vagabond Maurice, Father Kari The Gameboy, Tripz Traxxx, MFn Melo, Quote Verbs, UY, TL Beatz, Kyd Wah-Lee, Professor Mic, Sin Cordell, Jezi The Dishwasha, Orlando Coolridge, Sage Hitomi, MOECYRUS, FLXTCH!, Duncecap, Raisi K, Father Darko, Scotty Lows and Vahn Coca. Happy Birthday to my little brother JJ.


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