Washington’s ZAK. Gives Us The Scoop On His Melodic New Single ‘On The Line’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Hey ZAK! How are you? 

I’m great Julie thanks for asking, and thanks again for the interview! 

Before we get into the music – give us some background on yourself and your music. 

So I’ve been making music for the past 6-7 years. I’m from Washington state, and consider myself a vocalist / mc. I started out writing poetry, which soon evolved into songwriting once linking up with some homies in college. I used to be a huge old school/underground hip-hop fanatic, but in the last 3 years or so my taste in music, and direction have changed pretty significantly. I’ve been making and releasing music for years, but I finally feel like I’ve reached a point where I have found my lane. 

So you just dropped a song called On The Line. Your submission subject was “alternative r&b song” and I have to admit I was expecting another run of the mill autotune record. This is much different. How do you stay fresh with so many artists following this trend? 

 I initially started out making strictly underground boom-bap ish hip-hop, but once I started experimenting more and more I found my love for melodies was just as strong as my love for rhymes. So I decided to combine the two, with some musical influences from my upbringing, to make what I like to call an “Alternative R&B” sound, music that is rooted in hip-hop, but leans more toward the melodies, smoother flows and more of a focus on the instrumentation and harmonies in the production. 

 Production comes from Eden. How did you guys link?

So myself and Edeez have still yet to meet actually. He is a young producer from Canada. I heard some of his work with Toronto’s Bane, and knew we had to get some work in. We connected via social media. Once I heard that beat I knew that was the one we needed to start with. Expect more work from myself and Edeez in the future. 

_MG_8429 (1).jpg

How did the song come together? What was the recording process like?

The song came together very naturally for this one. I had heard of Edeez and asked if he could send some beats thru. He really enjoyed my sound and told me he’d send a pack thru. He did that and I immediately knew we’d be able to cook up some crazy sounds. Once I heard the beat I knew that was the first track we had to cook up. Still haven’t met the dude, but I’m stoked to see where our creative relationship goes, the kid is crazy talented. 

Did the lyrics come easily? What was the inspiration behind them?

The lyrics for this one came very easy. Once I wrote the hook and bridge, I heard the beat drop and knew exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take the song. The song for me represents everything you’ve put on the line to get where you’re at, and knowing that you won’t let a soul get in the way of where we’re headed. I’ve worked with countless people who talk the talk, but when it comes to down to the work, can’t follow through. After going thru this so many times, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands, and build a new team from the ground up who I knew was going to help me take this to the next level. 

How do you manipulate your voice?

So I use a bit of auto tune on my vocals. Along with more vocal effects, but I’ve been really focusing in on the delivery of my vocals, and learning how to sing certain lines and verses in order to get the type of sound that I want. I’m inspired by an array of vocalists and mc’s but recently my most important goal has been “finding my voice”, and since I’ve been doing that it’s been opening so many doors creatively. So I’m thinkin I’m just gonna keep pushin the envelope and trying new things and see where it takes me. Ever since I started singin more, I fell in love with songwriting all over again. 

What has been the response like for On Your Line? Are you satisfied with how the song is doing?

The response for OTL has been decent. Not quite what I was expecting, but I’ve been gone a while so this track was a nice reintroduction to my music and all of the work we’ve got dropping in the next few months. 

What’s coming next for you? 

Coming next is a whole lot of singles to heat up the summer, get ready for some visuals soon and a project that is already in the works. Basically show the world this sound I’ve been molding, and show em the full range of my versatility as an artist, and then take it to the next level. We’re just gettin started!

Experimental R&B Sensation Ziyaad Luceō Speaks on ‘Broken Skies’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Experimental r&b artist Ziyaad Luceō has gained quite a bit of notoriety in his relatively short music career. The Toronto native’s first record on SoundCloud, For You (Patience), was a hit and has been streamed over 26K times in just 8 months. Not bad for a rookie. In just under a year he’s built a strong fanbase, (over 1K followers) with comments that crowd every song on SoundCloud.

While every track is great, it is Broken Skies that stood out to me the most. The song contains a warped beat, sultry vocals, and very serious subject matter. Learn more about the origins of the subject matter, working with producer Raava, and how everything came together, with our newest edition of our Dissection Series.

You recently submitted a song called Broken Skies that really hit home for me. First off – tell us why you gave it that title.

When people reach a point of bliss and content it is almost like they could fly without wings, their happiness sores. But since my character is suffering with depression and using drugs as a form of artificial happiness, the skies are broken.

The song has a very strong message. What story are you telling? Why is it important for you to tell it?

“Broken Skies” was created for a friend of mine who is battling with drug addiction. I won’t give too much detail so she can maintain her privacy, but she’s going through a lot of difficult issues currently and it’s hard to see her like this. Even though our friendship has become strained and distant, I still wanted to convey my support and love in the best way I knew how. I always like to create from real stories that I go through personally or connect with. It’s so rewarding and fulfilling to see people resonant with my stories through my music.

Raava produced this track. How do you know him?

I don’t know Raava personally, but I’ve admired his work for many years. This instrumental in particular was sent to me. My friend sent me this beat a long time ago and I really enjoyed but I couldn’t figure out a subject matter to fit it. It stayed in my “beat vault” for a even longer time until my shuffle button was accidentally on and it randomly started playing. From then, I just started creating.

What came first, the lyrics or the beat?

The instrumental came first actually, but originally the theme was going to be completely different. I was going to talk about something little more positive. Yet my writing process took me in a different direction. The lyrics were drawn from a storyline in my life that had me in a state of nostalgia.

Mhmmmmmm Watermelon .jpg

You actually mixed and mastered Broken Skies. How did you develop this skill?

I’ve been mixing and mastering songs for years, not only for myself but for other artists around my hometown. Back when I was in the 12th grade my close friend showed me the essentials and from there I just started to grow and expand on that knowledge. I really like engineering, it allows me to follow my creative process to the very end. I get to create a song from start to finish.

Tell us about the artwork. It’s definitely mysterious. How did it all come together? 

The cover art was taken randomly but after I created the song I knew it would fit perfectly. The girl in the picture is my girlfriend and the shot was taken while we were at the Scarborough Bluffs. Originally, I thought I ruined the picture because the stutter speed wasn’t set but it came out better than I thought. I loved the mysterious factor that the picture displayed.  The photo really represents the song perfectly by previewing the ultimate theme; a mysterious girl who is lost in the clouds.

How do you record the vocals? There is a lot of layering and some distortion.

I just went through my traditional recording process where I hit the studio and start creating based on the mood I’m in. When engineering, I felt that an atmospheric approach would fit the topic, emotion and instrumental perfectly.

The song has done really well on SoundCloud. Were you expecting that?

To be honest, it’s hard to expect certain results while in the underground. I’m really appreciative of everyone that is resonating my sound. It’s crazy to me. I remember when I was struggling to get 50 plays. It’s surreal.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.21.57 PM.png

Included in the email was a bio about you. You said you have been experimenting with music for about 4 years. What was that process like? 

In the beginning, I started making neo-soul songs. I was really inspired and involved in the jazz genre. To the point where I created a neo soul/jazz mixtape called “The Tranquility EP-ish” (found on Datpiff). As an artist, I always want my music to be progressive and showcase improvement and different techniques with each release. So this transition has lead me into the contemporary R&B world where I feel like I’m hitting my groove.

Tell us about the indie label you are signed to. 

Outlier Entertainment isn’t really a label but more of a brand to market myself. Outlier is a theme, symbol and identity that people will associate with my vision, movement and music.

What’s coming next for Ziyaad?

More and more music. I’m definitely working on improving my sound and expanding my reach. I’m not scared to make risks with my craft so I’m trying to make more abstract artistry. My love and passion for music motivates me to be the best artist I can be day in and day out. I’m striving to be the best!

Any last thoughts?

I Hope You Love the Mystery. And thank you for giving me the space to share my thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate what you are doing for underground artists. Blogs like yours are essential to the development of artists like myself. You are the future!

Madison Jay Gives Us A V-Day Special in Everyday (That I Wake Up) (Dissection Interview Series)

Another day – another dissection. Once again we’ve got a Valentine’s day special, this time with North Carolina’s Madison Jay. He’s know for his bars – but takes a more romantic approach to his newest music video to Everyday (That I Wake Up). This is a conceptual video with Madison trying on his acting chops. It’s a message to a girl in real life that he’s madly in love with.

I wanted to ask him some questions on what the video means to him, to commemorate this special day. The conclusion of the visual is pretty sweet – so I recommend playing till the end. Read our convo below.

Hey Madison! Thanks for talking with us! How are you?

I’m feeling great as only a young God should.

Introduce yourself. Who are you, how old are you, where are you from?

You already know who it is it’s Madison Jay AKA Madison County. The young God is Ageless. I’m from Wake County Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are here to talk about your newest music video, Everyday (That I Wake Up). This is off your debut album Return of the Gap. It’s a great project with a lot of solid tracks. Why did you decide to turn this one into a visual?

I felt it was only right to give my female audience another visual. I love the ladies so it naturally made sense to me to shoot this.

Let’s talk a bit about the actual song. You are dropping it on Valentine’s day (today)…but what does this song mean to you? Does it come from real life experiences? 

it’s a personal song about the woman that I’m madly in love with. When she sees it should know exactly who I’m referring to.

Pooh Bear contributed an excellent chorus that tied everything together well. How do that come together?

I reached out the Pooh and we made something to happen. He cooked the hook and I took the look.

When you sent this to me you called it a conceptual video. After watching it I can definitely see that. Can you summarize the plot? Did you know you wanted to go this direction with this record?

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.37.25 AM.png

The video’s basically about a soldier who’s in a great relationship, ends up getting deployed for service and in the end makes a mixed decision. I came up with the plot 2 weeks before we shot. Light work.

You gave a great performance in the mini movie. Is acting something you are interested in?

I’m gonna act in the future cause I’m really handsome and Hollywood needs a Blackman like myself tryna take all lead roles.

You directed the video. Is that something you’ve done for awhile? Why did you decide to direct it?

I’ve directed all but maybe one of my videos so this wasn’t anything new it’s bringing the greatness to the Forefront.

The song was shot + edited by JK Media. How did you link up with them?

I saw JK media on YouTube and he was always persistent in getting his work shown by me so I reached out and we put it together.

Can we expect any other videos from Return Of The Gap? What’s coming next for Madison?

Expect the unexpected…more videos on the way!

Chris Cassius on new music video “GFK” (Dissection Interview Series)

I got in tune with Chris Cassius a few months ago via my Baltimore plug The Demo Tape. Since then I’ve kept up with his output, which has been consistently great. Just a month ago he posted my favorite track of his to date in Worries. The song featuring Big Penny has gotten over 1 million views (as of this writing.) It’s not surprising as both rappers bring intense energy and a riveting flow.

Cassius has shared some upcoming releases with me…and let’s just say they’ll make some waves in the SoundCloud community. There’s a lot to be excited about for this East Baltimore artist.

His visual, GFK, dropped just a few days ago. Many influential music sites have posted the video such as Bluntiq, Musiconthedot, and of course The Demo Tape.  It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a dissection interview, so I thought it would be appropriate to start things off with one of my favorite new discoveries.

Kick back, watch the video, and read more about the process behind GFK. For previous Dissections click this link.

Hey Chris! How are you?

I’m doing well. Just gearing up for the release of my project and getting everything right for this year. I just released my “GFK” video to start things off for 2017.

You recently dropped a visual to GFK which I was thoroughly impressed with. It’s been getting so much coverage! How does it feel??

The fact that my video is receiving coverage just tells me that I’m doing all the right things, not only from a music standpoint but also from marketing myself which I’m learning more about as I progress with the help of my team. That’s just a testament to them though, as they allow for me to focus on the music itself.

First off – when did you actually record the song?

I recorded “GFK” in September of 2016 along with many other tracks in preparation of my forthcoming project, GOATFACEKILLA.  “GFK” is just grazing the surface of what my project is made up of.

Did you know off the bat that you wanted to shoot a video for it? 

No, it honestly was one of the songs I didn’t see myself doing a visual for at all. Not because it’s a bad song or anything, but because it was so simple and I was more focused on delivering a message with it versus it being one of my “hits.”

Ivaree did a great job directing it. I’m interested to know how you started that relationship as it looks like you’ve been working together for some time now. 

Ivarre and I were both part of a collective called “Set Sound” and that’s how we know each other. This past Thanksgiving, we actually discussed shooting together at a mutual friend’s gathering and we pulled off the vision we had. This was actually the first time we shot together, but with much of the feedback I’ve received people have commented on our chemistry, so this definitely won’t be the last time.

Most of GFK seems to be filmed in one location. Where is this and why did you decide to film there?

Ivarre and I agreed to shoot at the Copy Cat building located in Baltimore. Artists of all kinds live there and they rent apartments out. I believe the leases come with an agreement that you can pretty much do whatever you want with your space. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I heard somebody has an entire boxing ring in their room. We shot there because we wanted an abandoned-warehouse-type of look and the basement of the building has just that.

Going off that question, did you and Ivaree collaborate on the overall vision of the video? 

We collaborated on the overall vision of the video, as we both described the kind of setting we wanted to go for. We agreed on a look for the space used in the video. The bullet proof vests came from me promising fans over the summer that I would wear one to a show;  teamed up with Baltimore-based clothing brand DAFT! to make a custom one. The dog is actually owned by a friend of mine, Paco, who is looking to get into breeding dogs.

You’ve put out a large number of music videos in your career. Why is it so important to you to keep putting out videos?

Regardless of the numbers my videos generate, I’ve always been dedicated to working hard and supplying visuals to my songs. So, one day when I’m big, people will be able to Google me and dig up things like my old videos and old mixtapes the same way I do with artists when I find out about them.

Any last thoughts? 

Just thanks again for taking the time out to watch the video and interview me, I appreciate it. Stay tuned for my forthcoming project, GOATFACEKILLA. I have a lot in store planned to rollout the release – it’s going to be special.

Dejavois Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Her Chilling New Track ‘Invitation’ (Dissection Interview Series)

We took a liking to Dejavois’ first single Invitation right away. It was a submission and we were so grateful to get it. We called it The Best Song You’ll Hear All Day and immediately added it to our year end list. We also called it “horror core, soulful, gritty trap shit” and that description still holds up since it dropped.

I wanted to learn more about her and the creation of the track….so we recently had a conversation to get some inside details. Check out the interview below, press play and get your free download. You won’t regret it.

Hey Deja, thanks for talking with us! So you just put out your first track on SoundCloud and it’s been doing great numbers! How does it feel?

I can’t believe it. I’m grateful people are actually listening. 

We posted the song right when it came out and it got so many retweets + shares. You seem to have an amazing amount of supporters. How did you build that following up?

Majority of the people were my homies. They’re very supportive. A lot of people were waiting for me to drop so when I did. They instantly shared it.

Songs about sex can be so overdone, but you came at it in a unique and darker way. How did you approach it? 

Honestly I didn’t intentionally write about sex. I feel like its how the listener perceives it and what they feel I’m talking about. 

The beat is by Noelz Vedere who I’ve been a fan of for some time now. How did you guys link up?

Noelz is like family. I met him through my homie Kodi about a year ago. We just clicked offback. 

Did you hear the beat first? What was the recording process like?

I came to the studio and Noelz was working on that beat. It was completely different from how it sounds now. But I started free styling on it and we went up from there. The recording process took months. I’m such a perfectionist. I just went in the studio and laid down references. 

You have it available for free download. Why did you decide to give it away?

Why not.

What’s coming next for you?

I’ll be releasing new music soon. I have other things in the works.

Any shout outs, last thoughts, or words of wisdom? 

2017 is Coldwind season. 

Thanks Deja and we wish you the best!

Interview with Shon Goner on track ‘The Chase’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Another day, another dissection. Shon Goner submitted The Chase to us a few weeks ago and we adored it…so much so that we hit him up about being a part of our series. It’s a gritty, slow tempo song with a brilliant chorus that sounds almost too good to be true.

There is so much to love about this one so we got to the bottom of how it was created, if the beat or lyrics came first, and how Shon met the producer of the song.

Hey Shon! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Shon Goner. I am a Philadelphia based rapper, singer, and producer. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me Julie!

So you just dropped your new song The Chase. Such a energetic song. Did you have a strategy or goal before you recorded?

I actually wrote and recorded this record around January when I first started bouncing around ideas for my upcoming EP On The 7th Day. Originally it was supposed to make the project but as the project’s sound developed I felt that it no longer fit the track list. I thought that releasing it now would be the perfect time for a high energy song like this. 

The chorus you laid down was what made the song pop, at least for me. How did you write the chorus? 

When I write my choruses I usually start of with the melody. I find myself looping the song’s chorus in Logic and humming until I finally catch a groove or vibe. With this song “I can’t catch my breathe I see the money so I chase it” came out as a freestyle after I caught a vibe. Then it all began to come together. 

You’ve worked with producer Kid Indigo on a ton of your songs. How did you get in touch with him?

Kid Indigo and I have been working together for a few years now. We came in contact via Soundcloud one day. He told me he liked my style on my song “Swangin” and after I went on his page and listened to his production, I was blown away! We then started exchanging beats and verses and our chemistry developed quickly. We’ve been partners ever since, that’s my Australian brother right there haha. 


I would describe the beat as a “low frequency trap banger.” Did you hear the beat before you wrote to it? What was running through your mind when you heard it for the first time?

I actually did hear the beat before I wrote it. As soon as the song’s introduction began to play I KNEW the drop was going to be crazy. When the 808s came in my head started to bob instantly! I knew we had something with this one. I knew this was going to be an anthem! 

The song is, of course, about chasing your dreams and achieving success. What is your idea of success? 

My idea of success is finding a way to incorporate what you love into your daily life. Doing what makes you happy. To me there is no better feeling in the world. Money can always be earned, but it doesn’t always lead to a sense of fulfillment. Personally, I’ll feel a big sense of success when I graduate college next year, see our  team’s brand We Always C flourish and expand, and having a project released on all major distribution platforms ( Spotify , Apple Music, Tidal etc ). These are my goals at the moment. 

You’ve been putting out songs for quiet some time now. How do you think The Chase stacks up next to your other releases?

Every song of mine I treat like a child. Slightly different but love them equally. I love the song The Chase just as I love the others in my catalog. Definitely a heavy hitter in my current catalog though.  

This winter I will be releasing my EP On the 7th Day. My team and I will also begin to roll out our Winter 2016 catalog for our brand We Always C in December. A LOT of new content in general coming soon.

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

If they tell you that you cannot do something it’s because they know they can’t. Never given in to the negativity thrown your way. 


Interview with Chicago’s Ibra on track ‘Get Yours’ (Dissection Interview Series)

It’s been awhile, but we are back with another installment of the Dissection Series.

This one comes from Ibra, a Chicago emcee that continues to grow with every release. It’s nice to see an artist that is influenced by A Tribe Called Quest and 90’s hip hop. In his submission he wrote “I am trying to turn my hobby into my lifestyle.” That sentence stood out to me, along with his song Get Yours.

I can definitely hear the impact Tribe has had on his music, especially in Get Yours. His flow is smooth and even…and when his second verse impacted it was hard not to see his potential. We recently discussed some of my favorite lines, how he found the producer of the song, and his upcoming project. Peep below.

Hey Ibra! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Ibra, a rapper from Chicago who fell in love with hip hop around 6 years ago.

We’re here to talk about your track Get Yours. It was refreshing and full of substance and positivity. I’m interested to know what inspired you to create it.

I wrote Get Yours because at the time I was trying to figure out how to differentiate myself musically and personally from what everyone else doing. I came up with the answer that if you want to be truly unique and successful you have to work for it.

One of the most compelling lines in the song is: “They trying dig my ditch and tell me it’s gonna be alright.” What exactly were you talking about?

In your quest to be who you truly are there will be people who try and stop you, to make you conform to norms, but you can’t let those people dig your ditch and put who you truly are in it.

The song is produced by Thovo. He provides a simple but effective beat. How did you get in touch with him? Will you guys be collaborating on anything in the future?

I found him through SoundCloud. I came across the beat and instantly liked it and talked to Thovo to see if I could use it. Thovo is a great producer I hope we can collaborate on something else soon.

Liiko provided some beautiful background vocals. What is your relationship with her? What made you want to get her on the track?

Liiko’s a guy. He’s one of my closest friends; while I was making the track he came over and I showed him what I had at the point. Liiko gave me tips on what direction I should take with the song and while I was rapping the chorus once he started to sing it with me I liked how it sounded so I had him record it. 

How did you write to Get Yours? You spoke on so much.

I thought about how a lot of people seem the same to me. Dress the same, listen to the same music, think the same…etc, but that’s not what I want for my life nor should anyone else.

Do you have anything else in the vault we can look forward to?

I have an upcoming project that is currently untitled that should be releasing within the next couple of months, but until then I’ll be dropping songs consistently on my SoundCloud.

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

Thank you for this opportunity. 

Jo$e Santos gave me the submission of my dreams + I had to give thanks (Dissection Interview Series)

I’ve got a short story. A guy named Jo$e Santos (from my hometown of Chicago + the surrounding neighborhoods) hit my inbox yesterday with a video submission. He spoke on how he hadn’t made music for a long time, and only had a few tracks on SoundCloud. I give every song a chance and try not to make general assumptions, but I have to admit I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Then I pressed play. I flipped. Trees contained many sub genres of rap with attributes from the best voices in hip hop. But, after my first view, I realized Jo$e probably doesn’t have many musical influences. He does whatever the fuck he wants (as you’ll read below) and almost without trying he spins gold.

This guy has only 2 songs out on SoundCloud and he’s already gotten a premiere on The Daily Dose and Lyrical Lemonade. Dude is humble though and hasn’t let those accolades get to his head. Throughout his email he asked for feedback and any criticism.

Long story short, his debut visual (directed by talented videographer Pat Banahan) is great. The song is even better. This is an extended edition of our dissection series so read on below.

Hey Jo$e, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! So you submitted this video and provided some excellent insight to who you are as an artist. You were also really open to feedback which is so appreciated. Why do you feel it’s important to stay humble in your music?

Not a problem. Thank you guys for the opportunity. But yea, I just feel that it’s super important to stay humble in everything you do, not just music. Nobody likes a cocky ass mf you feel me? I hate people who think they’re the shit for absolutely no reason. I just be be wanting to fight those kinds of people. Like smd hoe, you know? Plus, I was raised better than to be cocky. My mom didn’t raise not cocky shit head.

Let’s get right into the “TREES” visual. Pat Banahan shot the video and he’s a part of Lost TV. How did you initially get involved with him and the company? Tell us a little about Lost TV.

I actually first heard of Pat last year, around the same time I had started rapping from my homie Kwame. This was way before he started working on videos for all these big artists. But Kwame put me on to his work originally. Then a couple months later, my other homie Kiraly had his video for “Stunt” shot by Pat and I had met him there. Another couple of months pass by and he does a video for “Drone” for Kwame’s band, Leaf, and I was mad impressed with the work I was seeing up to that point. Not long after that I had hit him up about working and we took it from there.

What drew you to their work? Why did you want to partner with them on this video?

 I was really drawn by his work ethic. Pat is really passionate about what he does and is always looking to improve. Its really hard to find motivated people like him lol mfs be so lazy. That man is a genius with the cam though. S/o Pat Banahan & Lost TV!

One of the opening clips of the music video is dirty hands getting washed. When I saw that I thought there had to be some meaning behind it. What was it?

Keep your hands clean after you touch these hoes cuz them bitches dirty jo.

One of the reasons I loved this visual was that you seemed like you were having so much fun and just wildin’ out. Was that how it was shooting it?

Oh yea most definitely. Honestly, this video shoot was mad fun. It didn’t even feel like we were shooting a video cuz we honestly just goof around like that on the daily. But S/o Lil Brick and my primo Jay Corona for coming out to shoot with me they some fuckin idiots yo haha I love em.

Is this how you are in real life?

Oh yea most def, I’m a fuckin idiot in real life. I dead ass just goof around about everything. I’m always having fun. Except when it comes down to school…. Fuck school.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Did you guys draw up the concept of the video together? What was Pat’s role and your role?

To be honest, I had came up with a whole ass other concept for this video shoot. Pat loved it too. Everything was set and ready to go and then like the week of, a lot of things started falling apart and the idea seemed farther and farther away from happening until I just said fuck it and then me and Pat just came up with this current idea for the video that’s out now. So, basically Pat and I bounced our heads together to come up with a bunch of different concepts/ideas to do for this video.

What did you want to get across in the visual?

I honestly just wanted people to know I’m out here with this music shit. Like dead ass I’m kinda new to this still and seeing as I only had 2 other songs put out before this, I just wanted to basically be like, Yo! Don’t sleep on my ass bruh cuz im tryna make noise you feel me?

This is your first music video ever and was premiered by Lyrical Lemonade. Did they reach out to you or how did that come about? How does it feel to get that placement?

I had reached out to them for the premiere. S/o Elliot Montanez and Lyrical Lemonade 1 time! Elliot writes over at Lyrical and has been showing mad love to me since I started this music shit last year. I am super thankful and happy that the folks over at Lyrical Lemonade were fuckin with the video enough to premiere it.

This is your 3rd track release. What made you decide to create a music video on this one?

So, originally me and Pat were gunna shoot a video to the last song I had put out “Free Wings” cuz like I said I’m out here trying to make noise so I wanted to do visuals cuz I didn’t have any. But then that didn’t happen for various things falling apart again, so then we basically said hey you know what fuck it, let’s just come up with some shit for this next joint. So then we did it for “TREES” instead. Which came out pretty fuckin sweet if you ask me

What’s coming up for you music wise?

You can definitely expect more music and shit to come from me in the future. Just don’t expect all my music to sound or feel the same. I like to record based off emotions or how I am feeling at the moment. Anything I drop can sound anywhere from something super ignorant and bouncy to lyrical and chill. It honestly just depends on what I feel like when I’m writing. Also, I do plan on eventually putting together a small project sometime soon so be on the look out for that.

Any last thoughts or shout outs?

 Uhhhhh shit, yea shouts outs? I got a few. First of all, BIG HUGE S/O TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT SUPPORTS ME IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. YALL SOME MUTHAFUCKIN REAL ONES, OMS. I LOVE YALL. But umm lemme see also personal s/o to my moms & my sister that’s fam obviously. S/o my homies slash bro bro’s Lil Brick, Serg, Kiraly, Lil Tuna Capone, K muthafuckin G, Kwame, Jr, and Eugene. My bad if I’m forgetting anyone I’m really tryin to remember everyone that fucks with me. Shit S/o Pat Banahan, Elliot Montanez, and Lyrical Lemonade again. Uhhh yea I think that’s it… Oh and s/o to you guys over at Flows For Days. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for giving me my first interview this was really cool. I hope we can do this again sometime.

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Interview With Kiraly Payne on music video ‘The Unexpected’ (Dissection Interview Series)

I saw The Unexpected music video from Kiraly Payne in the middle of October. Actually, right in the middle. It was such a catchy and infectious song, and to top it off the video kept my interest. At first I thought AZaeProduction had directed it, but all credit must be given to VisualSZN. As you’ll see below, I had more questions that answers after watching this mini movie so we decided to sit down with the man himself and…like always…dissect. This is the back and forth we had. Watch above and get some insight about the video.

Hey Kiraly. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Of course! I appreciate you guys catching up with me

So you dropped the official music video to The Unexpected 2 weeks ago. It’s been doing numbers! How does it feel?

Yeah it’s pretty crazy but I’m never satisfied you feel me? I’m trying to get millions in a day. That’s what drives me man.

You shot the video with highly respected videographer AZaeProduction How did you link with him?

What most people don’t know is that AZAE actually had no part in the making of that video. The video was completely shot by my boy VisualSZN and directed by me. Him  and Zae are in cahoots so we were able to get it up on his channel.

This was definitely more of a cinematic experience as there was a plot and story being told. In your words explain what you were trying to get across.

Thank you that was the objective, I don’t like to make just any other videos. I have to stand out. The video was really just explaining that you need to watch who call your “friends” because niggas are shiesty, Watch your back. The people closest to you might not wanna see you win.

After I watched the visual I had more questions than answers honestly haha. Did you want viewers to be a little confused or want to know more?

Haha a little to be honest, the goal was to create anticipation for what’s next. I just wanna keep people on their toes that’s all

Did you have an idea of the direction you wanted to go in with the video? How did you and VisualSZN work together on it?

It’s crazy how this video came about, literally the day night before Visual SZN flew into Chicago is the night I came up with the idea for the video with my homie JUSTWill.  We literally shot the video in 5 hours because Visual SZN had to catch a plane back to LA. Thatwill probably never happen again haha I still can’t believe we shot that in 5 hours and it came out the way it did

Now this is the first single from your upcoming EP Z. Will there be anymore singles dropping before we get that? Any visuals we can look forward to? 

To be honest I probably won’t release anymore singles. The EP will drop then we’ll be dropping a video to one of the tracks in probably December

Is there a release date for Z?

Not yet, but it’ll be out soon that’s a promise. Me and my guys worked hard on this just like we do everything and we won’t disappoint

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

Well I’d like to thank y’all for catching with me. Shout out to JUSTWill and Chrisxilla for helping me a lot with this EP. They deserve just as much credit as I do man. Shout out the rest of my camp too, they know who they are.

Interview with Threat Digga on new track ‘God Level’ (Dissection Interview Series)

It’s been some time, but we are back with another Track Dissection. Threat Digga is a new name for me, but when I heard his submission to new single God Level I couldn’t help asking him to be apart on this growing interview series. He just annihilates the song with producer Jacob Lethal. Their suggestive names don’t seem to be on accident. Learn more about the creation of the track, some breakdown of the lyrics, and Threat’s upcoming plans.

Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Just so start it off, how old are you and where are you from?

I’m 22 years old & I’m from a small town in south jersey called Pemberton.

So you sent me your huge record God Level. What has the response been like once you released it?

The response has been real dope, few different blogs & people hit with dope feedback just hope the feedback continues

Once of my favorite lines on the track was: “I gotta go get it cus they know that I’m hurtin’, just pay me my respect cus they know that I’m working.” There is a lot in there. Lets talk about the first part. What did you mean when you said you were hurtin’?

I’ve been hurt by people, some of the responses from prior tracks I’ve uploaded were hurtful & bad decisions I’ve made in life hurt me till this day so the line was like a total of hurt coming from all aspects of my life as a whole

The second part speaks on how hard you are working. Do you think you are given the respect you deserve? 

I think since I’ve been hurt & I started reciprocating the hurt into my music to feel better I’ve gotten a better response from my viewers! At a point I was just making songs just to make something people like and I’ve grown to learn that as long as I’m expressing myself with this creative outlet genuine people who feel where I’m coming from will always understand so I do think I’m starting to gain more respect but maybe not as much as I deserve just yet.

It almost seems like you were trying to prove you deserved respect as an emcee in this one. I guess the title says it all. Do you think you’ve achieved that goal?

I believe I’ve gained a lot of respect as an emcee! Just trying to show everyone I can keep up with the upcoming talent even though my sound may not be what the newer generation is used to

Another line on God Level was: “got a main chick never fuck around”. Is this actually true? If so, why did you think it was important to include that line?

Yes the line is true, my girl is literally my biggest supporter & she was actually in the studio with me when I recorded the record, its just dope to have someone in your corner to give you honest feedback on something you love to do!

The beat was insane. It was produced by Jacob Lethal. Do you plan to work with him again? How did you initially link with him?

Me and Jacob linked via social media, he has a dope YouTube channel where I’ve found a few dope beats I’d like to use in the future but my usual production comes from an in home up & coming producer name Sean Minor

What was the writing process like on this? What’s essential for you when you’re recording?

For this specific record I had been listening to a lot of Dave East music recently & he gave me a vibe on just speaking real & not trying to be like anyone else when recording but usually the music has to be very loud with a 1/5 of Henny & little to no one in the studio with me so I can zone out.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Hoping 2017 can be a big year for me. plan to drop multiple singles leading to my EP titled Redemption executive producer by Sean Minor, followed by multiple visuals & let God handle the rest.

Interview with Cey The Ghost on new track ‘Untouchable’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Let me ask you something. When’s the last time you heard a Chicago rapper feel courageous enough to spit over an MF DOOM instrumental? Confession: I never have. Our new edition of the dissection series covers a rapper who did just that.

Cey The Ghost did total justice to his cover of DOOM’s Arrow Root instrumental and I’m so excited to share it with you. We wanted to know more about the process of creating the song so we asked him a few questions. Press play and read on below.

Hey Cey! Thanks for giving us some of your time! Untouchable just blew me away. Not many artists, at least these days, are confident enough to rhyme over an MF DOOM instrumental. Why did you decide to cover it?

Gratitude, my g. I hadn’t picked up a pen in god knows how long. I was listenin’to DOOM’s “Special herbs” (Beat tapes he released under the name “Metal Fingers”). As soon as Arrow Root came on, I wanted to write to it.

Are you a fan of MF? What was your introduction to him? 

I’m a big DOOM fan. Joey Bada$$ lowkey put me on with 1999. After I peeped a few of the tracks DOOM produced I decided I needed to go peep game. Operation: Doomsday was the first project of his I heard. That and Madvillainy definitely influenced me. The man is a legend.

The track speaks a bit on death. Was writing about this therapeutic for you? Is it something you were worried about sharing?

Yeah, definitely. I feel like there’s a lot of issues that need to be touched on that many people in our generation, especially in Chicago, struggle with, loss being one of them.

MF has tons of instrumentals. Why did you choose Arrow Root?

ARROW ROOT is smooth as hell to me. It kinda has a jazzy feel to it. The sample is amazing. I felt like I could do it justice.

You had SUCH a dope line in the middle of the track:

Now you probably think that I slang, but really I’m the drug

How did you come up with that?!

It started with the line before it when I said I was the plug. I figured most people would make the assumption that I was referencing drugs so I flowed my way into the next line.

This is, in my opinion, somewhat of a stream of conscious track. Do you agree with that description? 

Yeah, I feel you.

What was the writing process like on Untouchable?

Honestly, it was the first verse I had written in months. I wanted to see if I still had it. I think I did well.

The artwork is such a great depiction of the way you delivered the song. Did you choose it? if so, where did you get it from?

Yeah, I picked it. I’m a big anime fan. It’s Neji from Naruto doing 8-Trigrams: Palm Rotation. It’s an attack that deflects pretty much everything. I felt like it went well with the title and message of the song.

You use the hashtag “Progressive Soul” on Untouchable which I think is a perfect way to describe it. Chicago doesn’t have a lot of that sound and I don’t know any rapper from the city that has touched a MF DOOM beat. How do you see yourself fitting into the Chicago scene? 

I think I’ll fit in pretty well. I’m just tryna make a name for myself right now. Hopefully my baby steps turn into giant leaps.

Who are some of your influences in your music?

Knwledge, J. Cole, Mndsgn, Mick Jenkins, and Primo Rice, to name a few. I have bits of influence from a lil’ bit of everywhere.

I see you going so far in this industry and really am amazed at your talent. What are some of your goals for the rest of this year? Where do you want to be in the next two years?

Thank you, I appreciate that. I’m working on an EP that’ll probably drop on December 9th, my birthday. Other than that I’ll probably knock out a few singles and features. I produce just as much as I rap, if not more, so you’ll be seeing my name on a lot of tracks from now on. In the next two years I see myself on tour and on everybody’s playlist.

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

REMEMBER THE FOUR AGREEMENTS! Shout out D9 productions for the recording, mixing, and mastering. Shout out [CHI]. #BlackLivesMatter #LongLiveTony.

Be sure to follow Cey on SoundCloud for more goodies.

Interview with AWillThaGreat on new track ‘Goin’ Up’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Another day, another Dissection. Today we have Milwaukee native AWillThaGreat with us talking about Goin’ Up, one of my favorite tracks of the week. I have no doubt my readers will enjoy the song and his answers. On a side note AWill is such a nice and humble guy and I really enjoyed our emails back and forth.

Hey AWill. Thanks for speaking with us!

Thank you for the chance to speak with you guys!

What was the writing process on Goin’ Up? Did you hear the beat or write the lyrics first?

For Goin’ Up specifically, I heard the beat and immediately started writing the first words that came to my head. It was one of those songs I didn’t want to spend too much time focused on overthinking the lyrics, so I made sure it was as natural as possible. It was too good to pass on. For other songs, I’ll usually take time and really think about what I’m saying.

You got HAM lyrically on this one. Did the beat by Millz Douglas effect this in any way?

Yes, most definitely! This is one of those beats I heard and dropped everything and opened my notes app and started firing away! There are some songs where the beat moves the song or the lyrics move the song and this is a good blend of both.

You and Millz definitely make magic together. Will you continue to work with him?

I would love to continue working with him. He provided some more sounds for my upcoming project that I’m working on. Millz Douglas is a talented dude and you can hear that in the music.

One of the reasons I loved this track so much was because you flowed so continuously. You barely took a breath. Is that something you’ll continue to do?

The funny thing about that is I wouldn’t consider myself someone who naturally raps that way.  But I don’t mind trying new things or new techniques if it sounds good. So you can definitely bet that I have other songs where my flow is much different from what I consider my norm.

You submitted ‘Goin Up’ to flowsfordays a few days ago. Have you been shopping it to other blogs? What has the response been like so far?

I have sent the song out to a couple other local blogs that always show love and other sites that I’ll find the emails for, just trying to get it out there for as many people to hear it as possible. Almost everyone who’s heard it and reached out to me (friends, family, bloggers, etc) have had positive things to say about it and really enjoy the song.

Let’s talk a little bit about the artwork to Goin’ Up. Who created it? Did you have a vision for what you wanted it to look like?

The art work is always the hardest part for me because I usually have 3 or 4 different ideas that I would love to use. For this song, I found a picture that resembled what the song was all about it, growth, going up, getting bigger. What better visual to symbolize that than standing on top of a skyscraper.

What can we expect from you in the next month or so? 

You can expect more music. I want to start releasing music a bit more consistently as I’m leading up to the release of my next project “Do It Yourself” which I hope to drop soon.

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom? 

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who heard Goin Up and/or any other of my music and also flowsfordays for showing love!

Interview With Freako on new EP ‘Vacation’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Our new dissection series has become a Chicago affair. I wouldn’t have it any other way as we are based in Chicago and I (Julie) call it my home town. I have carried on the tradition with Freako, a budding artist out of the windy city. He’s no stranger to the music scene, dropping two albums and a frequent amount of singles in the last year.

His newest 3 track EP, Vacation, contains nice vibey music and is a breath of fresh air to this blogger. He’s gotten some nice coverage on blogs, only adding fuel to his movement. Although there are only a few cuts on the EP, each one has a lot of sonic layers. Keep reading for a dissection of Vacation.

Hey Freako! Thanks for sitting down to talk with us!

No, thank you for the opportunity.

So you just dropped your 3 track EP Vacation. Tell us about why you decided to release it now and make it 3 songs. 

I wanted to do something different, also it’s been a while since my last project. The whole meaning of the project is a getaway vibe of music something to truly escape from what’s going on. Finally I made it three songs so they can want more.

Your music has always had a more ‘down tempo’ feel to it. It definitely works in your favor. Have you always had this vision for your music? What draws you to this sound?

I think that’s what people sleep on is that I can really do all types of music I don’t want to be stuck in one style to be honest so I always want to switch it up from time to time. Everything comes from what mind set I’m in, and as of right now I’m enjoying life and experiencing the world. I love my sound its weird to explain but it’s much more to come

You and Adot collaborated on the Bool track. You’ve made a good amount of music together including songs Summer and Weak AF. Why do you think you work so well together?

Adot my brother beyond music we help each other to stay motivated and to get better. We got hella music together. I don’t know how we mix so well on tracks we both raw and also have different type of sounds and it come out crazy every time truly grateful for bro for real.

Do you record in the studio together? Will there be more music with you two in the future?

Surprisingly not all the time we go to each other session but we do record at different spots at time. And hell yeah lol.

Was the entirety of ‘Vacation’ recorded in one slot of time? When were the tracks recorded?
Nah it was spaced out like every time I came back to the city or before I left I recorded one of the songs it wasn’t purposely but it worked out.

What was your writing process like for the EP?

Different only because so much that’s happening is so new to me and amazing as well as inspiring, so there was so much to create and speak about I like it it feel as if I found my balance with it.

You worked with three different producers on Vacation (Universal, Dree0 + Wildlife Willy). What made you go with them? How did you know them?

I had the universal beat for a while and I wasn’t feeling what I wrote to it till it was recorded now I love it because it’s different from a lot that I made. I know Dree0 from Xbox he stay out in NY that’s my brother as well. Wildlife I wanted to work with for a min he work with my homies Lostboys and Vela each beat he made was different and amazing .

Wave is my favorite track on the EP. Some will miss how lyrical it is. What inspired the song?

Mines as well I feel its more personal and again it goes back to me finding my balances cause before I was too personal with my music and the drugs I do I felt I took the wrong approach but at the same time I need that and people liked it then so I improved. I always want to improve cause I’m very heavy on what I expected out myself. Waves is perfect to me like a break away from what drop this year I’m glad you like it and it means a lot.

Any last shout outs, thoughts, or words of wisdom?

Shoutout Ace League my brother Adot, my manager Djay and my brother wolf and everybody that had something to do with the project and thank you for this.

Interview With Pavy on new music video ‘Drift’ (Dissection Interview Series)

This dissection series has been a blast for me. It’s such a fun way to learn about content that I find so compelling.

For the last two posts (C$Säge The 64th WonderI asked about these artists about the way their new songs came to me. Today we are getting the low down on a new music video from another Chicago mainstay, Pavy. He recently released the visual to Drift which is off of his upcoming album Me, By Jonathan McCoy that will be released on the 25th of October. After seeing some of my blogger friends write about it, I knew I had to check it out. I wasn’t disappointed.

The director of the short film, TPJ, also gave us some insight. Read on.

Hey Pavy! Thanks for giving us the chance to talk to you about your new music video! 

Pavy: Of course. First off, I want to thank you for even reaching out to me. It’s much appreciated. I included TPJ on the interview because I can’t answer those questions about visual motives. He came up with the concept and everything.

TPJ directed the film and I have to say he did an excellent job. Has he filmed other music videos for you? How did you guys link up?

Pavy: TPJ is one of my best friends. I’ve known him going on almost 7 years now. This is around the 35th video we’ve worked on together at this point. Mostly every video you see from me, he’s shot.

There are some shots of sunsets and palm trees in the beginning, along with buildings closer to the end. Where is the video filmed? Is this where you live?

Pavy: The video was filmed in Los Angeles. Some of it was filmed at the Santa Monica Pier, and the rest of it at random places around Venice. I do currently “live” in LA. — I say “live” because I’m usually there just as much as I’m in Chicago, currently, but with winter coming I’ll probably be in LA a lot more.

Some cool color effects were used in the video. The smoky blue in the beginning, the center of the Ferris wheel. What made you decide to focus in on that? Is there a meaning behind it?

TPJ: The meaning of the smoky blue just stems from what I saw when I first heard the song. I’m a huge fan of the iTunes visualizer. I love how it blends all the colors together and every second the visuals are different than the previous one. My idea was to make the video look like an iTunes visualizer in the sense of lots of colors, lots of movement and no two shots are going to be the exact same (minus the performance shots). The blue just matched the tone of the record and I ran with it.

Did you have a vision in thinking about the video? How much input did you have? How much input did TPJ have?

Pavy: I really can’t take credit for this one. TPJ heard the record and approached me with a concept, I feel in love with it and said let’s shoot it. At the most I might have said “Hey, we should do this type of shot” but I can’t take credit for this one. That’s all TPJ.

I loved how there were a lot of scenes that cut back and forth. It wasn’t in continuous motion. What was the significance of that?

TPJ: This comes from that feeling you have when you’re intoxicated. Memories seem to play backwards and forwards in retrospect. Those moments when we indulge and “drift” away often aren’t complete when we remember them. The cutting back and forth symbolizes that. I wanted this video to be a visual journey you take with Pavy. If you cut off all the lights out and watch the video on a big screen you get the full effect of the journey, colors and the overall mood. It’s meant to be a visualizer with a story.

Drift is your second single off your upcoming album “Me, by Jonathan McCoy” which drops October 25th. What can we expect from it?

Pavy: “Me, By Jonathan McCoy” is probably my most personal and best work. I don’t really know how to sum it up besides the fact it’s completely, unapologetically, just me. Hence the reason for the title. Jonathan McCoy is my government name, if you’re wondering. Also, this is the first project I’ve done solely with one producer which was Tommy Avery. It’s probably the first project that I’ve done that’s had one core and central “sound.”

The next video (which you announced this morning) will be “until the morning.” You mentioned you’ll be dancing under a disco ball. How does this differ from the “drift” video?

Pavy: Actually, all of the videos I’ve dropped (Love, Life/The Walker & Drift) are all part of a four part series that interconnects. I’ll put it together at the end for your guys viewing pleasure. Basically it’s just a continuation of the story. So, you’ll have to just wait and see. What I can say is that we were inspired by the Michael Jackson “Rock With You” video for this particular video.

Any last thoughts or shout outs?

Pavy: First off, I want to thank you guys at Flowsfordays for even reaching out to me. Secondly, “Me, By Jonathan McCoy” drops October. 25th. Last but not least, if you’re in Chicago I’m having a listening party for my album on October. 22nd @ Underground Wonder Bar from 6-9. I really hope to see all you guys there.

Interview with C$’s on new single ‘Brand New’ (Dissection Interview Series)

We are back with another track dissection! We started off with Säge The 64th Wonder yesterday (read it here), and today we are talking to another Chicago artist named C$ (pronounced C Money.) I loved his new single Brand New which was even featured on Fake Shore Drive, so I decided to ask him a few more questions about the creation and details of the song. Give the song and listen and follow along with this interview.

Hey C$! Thanks for talking with us. How are you?

I’m great! Life’s been awesome as of late.

So we’re here to talk about your recent single Brand New. What inspired you to create this song?

Well the inspiration behind the song is that a lot of people, including myself, will only purchase certain things if it’s brand new. Whether it’s sneakers, cars, clothing or whatever. This song is for those that need certain things brand new and not used before they get it.

Did the lyrics or the beat come first?

The beat definitely came first. I was actually on my way to the studio when I wrote the song. With the beat came the catchy hook, then after that the verses kinda fell right into place!

What is your writing process like?

My writing process is a bit different from others. I do a lot of brainstorming and writing while driving. I feel like that’s where I get the best opinion of beats. So while driving, if I come up with something I’ll make voice memos on my phone or put notes on my phone to kinda start the song off and give it a platform, then once I’m home I fine tune it and finish off the song.

Taylor King produced it; how did you get introduced to him?

I got introduced to him straight through SoundCloud. This isn’t the last you’ll hear from us. More work on the way lol.

Your album ‘MoneyWave‘ was released in June (as a side note I loved it and think more people need to get in tune with it.) You also did a track by track commentary playlist on SoundCloud which really added to the experience of the album. Why was it important to you to do that commentary? Have you been getting good feedback on it?

I think it was very important that I do that commentary because that project was VERY important to me and who I am as a person. The commentary takes listeners through each track and why it was created the way it was. For everyone that’s heard Moneywave, it’s been nothing but love and positive feedback.

Going back to ‘Brand New’, how long did it take to record? What was the recording process like?

It didn’t take long to record. When I go in the studio my material is already ready to go. I usually do my verses in one take and the hook is simple but catchy so it didn’t take long at all. Took like 15-20 mins altogether. I record my songs in chronological order. So I go piece by piece. If the hook is first and it goes into a verse, I’ll do that hook then the verse then plug that hook back in and record the next verse. I just put in work lol no time for games in the studio.

What are some essentials while you’re in the studio?

Haha as of late I’ve been having this weird thing where my voice would be super raspy until my homie brought some hot fries into the stu one day. That shit opened me up and ever since then I keep hot fries and bottled water in the studio.

Where do you record?

I record out here in the south suburbs at my studio. It’s called Blue Heron Recording based out of Orland Hills.

You’re from Chicago (where flowsfordays.com is based.) Have any artists from the city inspired your music? Or any artists in general?

As far as Chicago artists, maybe Kanye and Chance. But they don’t inspire my music they just inspire me as a person. I don’t mold my music from any other Chicago artist but myself.

Can we expect some new material in the coming months?

Yes, this is just the beginning of what I’ve got coming. More details will be revealed later though.

Any final thoughts?

Final thoughts? Well thank you for rocking with my music and I hope the world is enjoying it as much as I am lol. Cmoneywave.com for everything about me.

Talking with Säge The 64th Wonder on new single ‘Gold Dirty’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Chicago emcee Säge The 64th Wonder has peaked my interest since my early years of posting his music. Now he’s dropping the best music he’s ever created (in my humble opinion). The surprise Album on X-Mas is quiet good and much appreciated. My favorite track on the album (and of the week) is Gold Dirty featuring Professor Mic. I loved the song so much I was inspired to get down and dirty on the creation of the track. Peep the interview below and stream/buy the album.

You dropped your new single Gold Dirty (before the new album) just 6 days ago. Talk a little bit about why you decide to release it now.

I decided to release it because I felt I needed new listeners. I’ve always been hesitant with adapting to new styles before mastering my current. I feel like if I hadn’t dropped the EP it was on which is titled “Album on Xmas” I would’ve missed out on the people I met this week. Simply because it got around quicker than I thought.

What was the process in creating it?

Creating the song was pretty crazy haha. Professor Mic and I were in the studio high as fuck and I was broke as shit. WE were both hungry and I already had him purchase  smoke so I had to finesse some Uncle Remus. Once we grabbed that and ate I started working on the beat right then and there just to prove food helps! Hah, but yeah once I was 25 min into making it I looked at him and said “shit this is as good as it’s gonna get let’s lay bars over it before we fall asleep or some shit.”, and so we did just that. Recorded the track Gold Dirty.

For the record this is my favorite track of the week by far. Have you gotten a good response from it?

Whoa. That’s dope! I didn’t know it was a favorite that’s good to know. I’m happy you resonate with it! SO far we have. Professor Mic himself has been promoting the hell out of the song as well, so I’m sure all of the people engaged with him have heard it. Its definitely a banger in our arsenal.

You produced Gold Dirty. The sound blew my mind. It wasn’t just “trap,” it incorporated so many elements. How long did it take for you to create the beat? Were you inspired by anything? 

It took me about 25-30 minutes to make the beat.  I’ve recently started messing with the way my beats “Wang” or the “Way of the 808”, so the inspiration I can say honestly came from just hearing my fam and collaborative peoples create.

Professor Mic is featured on the track. How did you link up with him? 

Professor Mic and I been homies for years and I’ve supported the WWNNN Collective since day 1. He as well is apart of the SLUMPGANG777 Collective, So for us to work isn’t really nothing but it was still cool as fuck nonetheless.

Shikigami Jazz, your upcoming LP, will be released on Christmas which is just a dope concept in general. What can we expect from it?

You can expect a lot of different vibes coming from this project. You’ll get a perspective of how sage loves, hates, and tolerate. You’ll also be hit with nostalgia  if you’re on the right wav. Shikigami Jazz is a genre of music for myself to grow and develope in. This LP will be the debut for that sound and I am excited to expose everyone to it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to flowsfordays! Any last words/shout outs?

Follow me on all my social medias at @the64thwonder literally. My LP drops on Christmas and I’m still figuring out where imma shoot it to, but shoutouts to everyone who rock with me. Much love to my SLUMPGANG777 Family listed below:

Vagabond Maurice, Father Kari The Gameboy, Tripz Traxxx, MFn Melo, Quote Verbs, UY, TL Beatz, Kyd Wah-Lee, Professor Mic, Sin Cordell, Jezi The Dishwasha, Orlando Coolridge, Sage Hitomi, MOECYRUS, FLXTCH!, Duncecap, Raisi K, Father Darko, Scotty Lows and Vahn Coca. Happy Birthday to my little brother JJ.