Dissection Interview With Matt Whise On New Track ‘Frontline’

You just dropped a hell of a song that I immediately resonated with. Tell my readers the basic info on the track.

Well it’s produced in house from my homie and one of my favorite producers Chosen from HDL.

Frontline came from a reflection of what I been through and how people I felt about people who have so much to say about me. It’s basically saying I’m tired of the idle talk I wanna see action from here on out.

Basically people telling you you are wack as an MC? What are they saying about you?

Most try to discredit my skill due to social status or whom I choose to work with and on the other hand there are people whom do not like my opinion and way I come off as a rapper the confidence gives them this assumption of ego. I real life just be wanting to be chill support people.

It’s hard to find for sure. How did the track come together? It’s super gritty and grimy.

I have this relationship with my producers where they just send me shit and he sent the beat to me one 2am morning and I heard and sent back like twelve Fire Emojis (laughs). I Instantly start writing for it and finished in a day. It wasn’t till about a couple weeks later that my new engineer Rio put me in the studio and it was the first thing I recorded.

Are you happy with the results….the reception? Any last thoughts?

I’m never fully satisfied but I’ve come to realize people just be late to the party rocking with my music so it just take a lil time and we will know for sure. I appreciate you for even liking it. It’s my last drop of the year as well always happy when you rock with my music (laughs)