Madison Jay Gives Us A V-Day Special in Everyday (That I Wake Up) (Dissection Interview Series)

Another day – another dissection. Once again we’ve got a Valentine’s day special, this time with North Carolina’s Madison Jay. He’s know for his bars – but takes a more romantic approach to his newest music video to Everyday (That I Wake Up). This is a conceptual video with Madison trying on his acting chops. It’s a message to a girl in real life that he’s madly in love with.

I wanted to ask him some questions on what the video means to him, to commemorate this special day. The conclusion of the visual is pretty sweet – so I recommend playing till the end. Read our convo below.

Hey Madison! Thanks for talking with us! How are you?

I’m feeling great as only a young God should.

Introduce yourself. Who are you, how old are you, where are you from?

You already know who it is it’s Madison Jay AKA Madison County. The young God is Ageless. I’m from Wake County Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are here to talk about your newest music video, Everyday (That I Wake Up). This is off your debut album Return of the Gap. It’s a great project with a lot of solid tracks. Why did you decide to turn this one into a visual?

I felt it was only right to give my female audience another visual. I love the ladies so it naturally made sense to me to shoot this.

Let’s talk a bit about the actual song. You are dropping it on Valentine’s day (today)…but what does this song mean to you? Does it come from real life experiences? 

it’s a personal song about the woman that I’m madly in love with. When she sees it should know exactly who I’m referring to.

Pooh Bear contributed an excellent chorus that tied everything together well. How do that come together?

I reached out the Pooh and we made something to happen. He cooked the hook and I took the look.

When you sent this to me you called it a conceptual video. After watching it I can definitely see that. Can you summarize the plot? Did you know you wanted to go this direction with this record?

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.37.25 AM.png

The video’s basically about a soldier who’s in a great relationship, ends up getting deployed for service and in the end makes a mixed decision. I came up with the plot 2 weeks before we shot. Light work.

You gave a great performance in the mini movie. Is acting something you are interested in?

I’m gonna act in the future cause I’m really handsome and Hollywood needs a Blackman like myself tryna take all lead roles.

You directed the video. Is that something you’ve done for awhile? Why did you decide to direct it?

I’ve directed all but maybe one of my videos so this wasn’t anything new it’s bringing the greatness to the Forefront.

The song was shot + edited by JK Media. How did you link up with them?

I saw JK media on YouTube and he was always persistent in getting his work shown by me so I reached out and we put it together.

Can we expect any other videos from Return Of The Gap? What’s coming next for Madison?

Expect the unexpected…more videos on the way!