Uni BLK – Celeste (New Project & Dissection Interview)


It’s been quite some time since I’ve put out a dissection interview. I enjoy these interviews the most because the artist and I focus on one of their new releases whether a song, video, or project, and go deeply into the process and inspiration for it.

The return of the series couldn’t start off better than with Uni BLK’s latest project Celeste. We’ve worked on a premiere together, and I’ve posted his music a number of times. Celeste stands as his debut project, and one not to miss out on. While you read, stream Celeste above to get an inside look on how it was all put together.

You can also stream on your favorite platform here.

Let’s get right into the project. First off, how do you feel about the reception of Celeste so far?

I was nervous at first with this being my first full project release but after the first week, I feel good about it. People have really taken a liking to Money which is probably one of my favorite tracks from the project.

You start the project off with a bang starting with Grandma. This is a heavy, gritty beat. Why did you decide to combine this with the topic of your grandmother?

Honestly, it just came to me. I basically freestyled the entire project so when I cut the beat on that was the first thing that came to me.

Get It and Money seem to be different takes on your drive and ambition. Did you sequence it this way?

Not really. I recorded both records on different occasions; Get It was the first track I recorded when I started the project and Money came later down the line. I feel like they mesh for sure but it wasn’t planned that way.

The instrumentals on this entire project are incredible. How did you and BLK Chris link initially? What made you decide to work with him?

Actually, my cousin introduced Chris and me to each other via Twitter. My cousin went to school with Chris and knew that he was looking for an artist to work with. The first song I ever recorded to one of his beats never even got released. Then one day he emailed me like 40 beats and that’s how the project got started.

Did you tell him what kind of beats you wanted? Or was it a collaborative effort?

Definitely a collaborative effort. I don’t really have a certain preference when it comes to beats… If I feel the vibe when I cut the beat on I just start creating.

A lot of these tracks use your voice as an instrumental in itself. Why did you decide to rap in a dark, atmospheric way?

That’s what the beats made me feel. BLK Chris’ beats give me a certain feeling, a feeling different from other producers so anything he sends me usually comes out dark.


How does this project differ from other music you’ve put out?

I wouldn’t say it differs much from my past music but I will say that BLK Chris beats put me in a gritty type mood whereas other productions I’ve put out tend to turn out either motivational or bright.

What approach did you take overall?

Just feeling the beat. Not really putting too much thought into writing a “hit” per se. Just feeling the vibe.

You took a year to drop multiple singles to build your buzz leading up to Celeste. How long did it take to create and finish the project?

I was actually done with the project a year ago. It took me a week to make and I just tucked it away and started releasing singles. I actually have like 5 more projects tucked away.

This is your debut project. How many years have you been making music seriously?

I’ve been making music for about 10 years in regards to writing and coming up with ideas but when it comes to actually putting stuff out it’s only been a year.

I Love You is one of my favorites off Celeste. For those who haven’t heard it, how would you describe it? What was the process link on this one?

I would describe it as heartfelt. When I initially played the beat that was the feeling I got, I wanted to talk about how much I truly cared about the people who’ve been by my side from the jump. How I feel that it’s up to me to show them what love is by taking this music thing to the next level.


What is your favorite song on the project? Why?

Money would have to be my favorite track and that’s because I had the most fun making that song. When I made it originally it only had 1 verse and I was going to get a feature on it but I end up doing a second verse spur of the moment and it just stuck.

For those who haven’t listened to the project…how would you best describe it?

Raw. Like really just from the heart because as I said I didn’t write any of the songs I just came off the top of the head with every lyric, melody, and concept. I didn’t want it to seem forced. So I didn’t force it. I just spoke my thoughts.


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