Producer Extraordinaire Humbeats Steps Into The Spotlight On Experimental New Track “Monday”

I’ve been a follower of Humbeats for quite some time. One of my favorite rappers period is Austin Fair, an MC we’ve featured often. He even gave us our first premiere. Hum and Austin have worked together on all of his projects, and often his singles. They are one of the most underrated duo inContinue reading “Producer Extraordinaire Humbeats Steps Into The Spotlight On Experimental New Track “Monday””


Austin Fair Drops The Project Of My Dreams In Debut LP ‘Everlasting’

My connection to Austin Fair’s music is DEEP. Let me explain. Our very first premiere AND interview came in one neat package thanks to TTrouble In Paradise. He rocked with us from the beginning, and saw the site’s potential. There’s a reason we’ve been showing love back. One, I despised that he didn’t have a largeContinue reading “Austin Fair Drops The Project Of My Dreams In Debut LP ‘Everlasting’”

flowsfordays Presents: Riptide Vol. 1

I can’t believe it’s here – our first compilation tape. Since the inception of flowsfordays I’ve wanted to put out a project like this. I wanted to develop relationships with artists first, and then begin to link with them on collaborations. Riptide Vol. 1 is a very personal project to me. Each artist featured hasContinue reading “flowsfordays Presents: Riptide Vol. 1”

The Better Half – (Best SoundCloud Songs From October 15th-31st)

Hello faithful readers. Welcome to our bi-monthly series The Better Half. flowsfordays will be curating a playlist showcasing the best SoundCloud releases in the last 15 days (give or take, depending on how many days are in the month.) Instead of perusing through your SoundCloud feed, you will now have a simple way to hear the best ofContinue reading “The Better Half – (Best SoundCloud Songs From October 15th-31st)”

Austin Fair – New Edition (New Track)

Emcee Austin Fair has a better track record than any “independent” artist I have ever come across. There, I said it. After gracing us with impeccable project after project, track after track, we continue to get no blemishes in New Edition. THIS IS A FREESTLYE! And if that doesn’t convince you to hit play, thenContinue reading “Austin Fair – New Edition (New Track)”

Austin Fair – Word of Mouf (New Mixtape)

We are big fans of Austin Fair. Like huge. Massive. So much so that we did an exclusive interview and premiere of his last album TTrouble in Paradise. A week or so ago he did a little social media “experiment,” letting his fans know if one of his tweets got to a certain number ofContinue reading “Austin Fair – Word of Mouf (New Mixtape)”

Austin Fair – TTrouble In Paradise Album (Premiere + Interview)

Austin Fair is under appreciated, at least in my eyes. He released an excellent project, Chicopee Falls (it has since been taken off of SoundCloud) earlier this year, but it didn’t garner the full attention it deserved. After a few months of recording, he hopes his freshly dropped full length album TTrouble In Paradise willContinue reading “Austin Fair – TTrouble In Paradise Album (Premiere + Interview)”