Producer Extraordinaire Humbeats Steps Into The Spotlight On Experimental New Track “Monday”

I’ve been a follower of Humbeats for quite some time. One of my favorite rappers period is Austin Fair, an MC we’ve featured often. He even gave us our first premiere. Hum and Austin have worked together on all of his projects, and often his singles. They are one of the most underrated duo in the indie hip hop world, so get in tune. Hum has produced for the likes of OG Maco, Styles P and Jim Jones, but ALWAYS reps for the indie artists out of the city of Boston.

Austin dropped his most progressive project yet, Everlasting, barely a month ago, with Humbeats on 11 out of 12 tracks. They seem to never stop working, as evident of their newest collaborative record, Monday. The almost 5 minute song is an oasis of experimentation, beauty, and vocal goodness. Austin and Hum continue to step outside of the box, putting together drones, ambient flavors, and actual singing from the ever talented Teamarrr.

I was ecstatic to learn Monday is the first single off Humbeat’s upcoming project Level Up Always. I’m sure Austin will have a few features, and I can’t wait to see the other artists Hum will work with.