Austin Fair Drops The Project Of My Dreams In Debut LP ‘Everlasting’

My connection to Austin Fair’s music is DEEP. Let me explain. Our very first premiere AND interview came in one neat package thanks to TTrouble In Paradise. He rocked with us from the beginning, and saw the site’s potential. There’s a reason we’ve been showing love back. One, I despised that he didn’t have a large following (at the time). Second, and most importantly, his music has gotten me through my darkest moments, and made me even happier when life was great.

I’ve played the fuck out of the Paradise album, and had no problem putting it on repeat. But when Austin hit my line letting me know his debut album was coming soon, I felt an anticipation similarly to when a Kendrick album is announced.

The great thing about Everlasting is that Austin diverted from his “usual” sound. It is a completely different project than Paradise, and I was happy to hear the experimentation. Artists change and grow, and it’s not wrong. They get to. Austin did just this, but it’s more of a progression that a diversion.

When I was introduced to Austin I was introduced to his right hand Humbeats, a producer I have been following like crazy. They’ve joined forces once again on Everlasting, and although there are similar elements to Paradise, both have grows as a team.

It’s hard to describe these 12 tracks, but I promise it’s worth the stream. Austin now has a larger fan base, and he did it himself. He’s finally in the spotlight, and I couldn’t be happier for him.