Austin Fair is under appreciated, at least in my eyes. He released an excellent project, Chicopee Falls (it has since been taken off of SoundCloud) earlier this year, but it didn’t garner the full attention it deserved. After a few months of recording, he hopes his freshly dropped full length album TTrouble In Paradise will make more of a buzz. I aim to help that process with this premiere.

Austin has a song for every hip hop fan on this project. He’s a master at picking the right beats from Humbeats who produced 9 out of the 10 tracks on Paradise. Opener Money Trees can contend with any songs off Danco SZN. Large amounts of bass and equal amounts of melody blends to make my favorite track off of the album.

It doesn’t stop there. Triples sounds like a track off LilDurk2x, while somber Cali Interlude and Y gives us a glimpse into a complicated romantic relationships filled with heartbreak and sexual frustration.

This is a project fills with themes of friendships and romantic relationships floundering in the wind, struggles to stay focused and find fans to give him the time of day, and uncertainty of whether true relationships with women are best versus straight up unemotional sex.

Along with the premiere, we chopped it up with Austin to get a glimpse into the creation of the album, why it differs from Chicopee Falls, and what’s next.

Hey Austin, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. How are you?

I think the best way to describe my mood today is track 3, Excellent.

How does it feel now that TTRouble In Paradise has been released to the public?

It feels relieving. I really wanted to give my area a crazy mixtape to listen to before the end of the Summer. Me and Humbeats have been crafting my new sound for the past year or so without releasing too much of our material. The vault is still growing.

If you had to describe this project in one statement, what would it be?

TTrouble in Paradise will be a moment for a lot of people. They’ll go back on this one and say that Austin Fair had a plan when he was young and really got to it. This music is for the young go-getters like myself who want power. These songs will energize my shows like none before and I can’t wait to start everything off by opening THE BIGGEST SHOW IN THE 413 with Filthtown on the 13th in NoHo.

What’s your favorite cut off of the album?

It’s really so tough to only choose one song off this one. Every fan is going to have a few different favorites. But if I had to pick, Triples is my favorite song at the shows, and Y featuring Emma is my favorite song in constant rotation. Emma is a crazy dope singer from Brockton who has her own wave coming so it was important to me that we got that song done.

How long did it take to create this body of work?

Honestly only a few months. If you’re counting actual time in the studio it’s way more simple than most would think when it comes to me and Humbeats. We can hit the studio any week and make a whole mixtape, but this one is just the perfect batch of songs for this summer and we’re both proud of this tape.

How is this different than your last project Chicopee Falls? Why did you take it off your SoundCloud? Is there another way we can download it?

QUALITY! Me and Humbeats have been crafting a real sound and it’s officially strong enough to compete with the best. My Chicopee Falls mixtape was sort of a reminder that I was still around and I wanted fans to have something to hold them over while we worked on the new tape. I took it down because it was a moment. The ones who were around for it got to hear something special before the real turn up.

What’s next for you after this release?

Too much to say everything without sounding all over the place but I should let everyone know that we at TTROOP Entertainment have our next shirts coming out this week as well! Also I’ll be opening for Filthtown at Pearl St in Northampton on the 13th. 

Any last thoughts?

I just want to thank everyone who contributed to the project. I love all of the featuring verses and as always I got the best out of Humbeats. This one is going to be special, and be ready for plenty of merch coming soon!