Remembering Mac Miller’s ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off….’ (Editorial)

When Mac Miller passed I wrote a heartfelt tribute. Yet, it was when I spoke on his second studio album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off…, that I found myself most emotional and contemplative. This was his groundbreaking moment, the first body of work that showed his creativity and overall genius. We no longer saw the happyContinue reading “Remembering Mac Miller’s ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off….’ (Editorial)”


flowsfordays’ Co-Sign Playlist #8 (My Favorite Submissions)

flowsfordays gets hit with over 400 submissions a month, making it difficult to listen to, consider, and write about each one. When my inbox is racking up an insane amount of unread emails, I put together a co-sign playlist. These are my favorite tracks from my submission pile, and honestly, they are all gems. PlaylistContinue reading “flowsfordays’ Co-Sign Playlist #8 (My Favorite Submissions)”

Catching Up On Submissions Part 4 (Best Of)

FREE Party – Alady Rap duo’s can often sound stale, emulating either the NY power groups of the 90’s, or everyone taking turns with their verses in one song. The musical duo that is FREE Party were born and raised in Maryland, but after making their way to LA have found the inspiration to pursueContinue reading “Catching Up On Submissions Part 4 (Best Of)”

flowsfordays Co-Signs #6 (Playlist)

With over 300 submissions a month, it’s hard to write up all the songs I love. I am a one man operation and go through all submissions, along with premieres, interviews, my PR business, and more. It can get overwhelming, especially since I discover such gems in my inbox. To ease your listening pleasure, (andContinue reading “flowsfordays Co-Signs #6 (Playlist)”

flowsfordays Co-Signs #5 (Playlist)

The 5th edition of our Co-Sign series is upon us! We’ve got 11 fresh joints from independent artists who deserve recognition for their music. Flowsfordays has always been a platform for rappers and singers that don’t get posted on blogs for reasons I cannot figure out. Music discovery is the centerpiece of our site, andContinue reading “flowsfordays Co-Signs #5 (Playlist)”

Chicago’s Loren Hits Us With The 2nd Drop In His #FloodyTrap Series

Loren feeds his fans dope content at a rapid pace. He works hard – and does it all on his own. In the last month he’s been outdoing even himself, kicking off his #FloodyTrap series with a new song every week. Flood The Streets is the 3rd drop and another remarkable release. Although Loren has taggedContinue reading “Chicago’s Loren Hits Us With The 2nd Drop In His #FloodyTrap Series”

The Chicago Round Up​ (Monday, October 2nd)

It’s impossible to keep up with the newest hip-hop releases. While streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music highlight them, they only do so once a week with almost no coverage of “less established” rappers. I write about music for a living, and still can’t keep up. I adore Chicago hip-hop and listen to itContinue reading “The Chicago Round Up​ (Monday, October 2nd)”

Album Recommendations From Julie: Sleigh Bells – “Treats”

For over a year flowsfordays has focused on sharing hip hop music from independent artists. While I listen to hip hop the most, some of my favorite albums of all time delve into punk, rock, electronic, R&B, experimental, and more. As of today I am starting a series highlighting albums that don’t fall into theContinue reading “Album Recommendations From Julie: Sleigh Bells – “Treats””

California’s Chuuwee Drops His Best Visual Yet In Sativa Song (Blunt Raps) (Artist Spotlight)

California’s Chuuwee has achieved so much in such a short period of time. At only 26, he’s worked with Large Professor, been a regular on sites such as DJ Booth, Complex, and 2 Dope Boyz, and is currently signed to prominent label Below System Records. His success isn’t a coincidence, he’s put in the work,Continue reading “California’s Chuuwee Drops His Best Visual Yet In Sativa Song (Blunt Raps) (Artist Spotlight)”