Interview with Shon Goner on track ‘The Chase’ (Dissection Interview Series)

Another day, another dissection. Shon Goner submitted The Chase to us a few weeks ago and we adored it…so much so that we hit him up about being a part of our series. It’s a gritty, slow tempo song with a brilliant chorus that sounds almost too good to be true.

There is so much to love about this one so we got to the bottom of how it was created, if the beat or lyrics came first, and how Shon met the producer of the song.

Hey Shon! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Shon Goner. I am a Philadelphia based rapper, singer, and producer. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me Julie!

So you just dropped your new song The Chase. Such a energetic song. Did you have a strategy or goal before you recorded?

I actually wrote and recorded this record around January when I first started bouncing around ideas for my upcoming EP On The 7th Day. Originally it was supposed to make the project but as the project’s sound developed I felt that it no longer fit the track list. I thought that releasing it now would be the perfect time for a high energy song like this. 

The chorus you laid down was what made the song pop, at least for me. How did you write the chorus? 

When I write my choruses I usually start of with the melody. I find myself looping the song’s chorus in Logic and humming until I finally catch a groove or vibe. With this song “I can’t catch my breathe I see the money so I chase it” came out as a freestyle after I caught a vibe. Then it all began to come together. 

You’ve worked with producer Kid Indigo on a ton of your songs. How did you get in touch with him?

Kid Indigo and I have been working together for a few years now. We came in contact via Soundcloud one day. He told me he liked my style on my song “Swangin” and after I went on his page and listened to his production, I was blown away! We then started exchanging beats and verses and our chemistry developed quickly. We’ve been partners ever since, that’s my Australian brother right there haha. 


I would describe the beat as a “low frequency trap banger.” Did you hear the beat before you wrote to it? What was running through your mind when you heard it for the first time?

I actually did hear the beat before I wrote it. As soon as the song’s introduction began to play I KNEW the drop was going to be crazy. When the 808s came in my head started to bob instantly! I knew we had something with this one. I knew this was going to be an anthem! 

The song is, of course, about chasing your dreams and achieving success. What is your idea of success? 

My idea of success is finding a way to incorporate what you love into your daily life. Doing what makes you happy. To me there is no better feeling in the world. Money can always be earned, but it doesn’t always lead to a sense of fulfillment. Personally, I’ll feel a big sense of success when I graduate college next year, see our  team’s brand We Always C flourish and expand, and having a project released on all major distribution platforms ( Spotify , Apple Music, Tidal etc ). These are my goals at the moment. 

You’ve been putting out songs for quiet some time now. How do you think The Chase stacks up next to your other releases?

Every song of mine I treat like a child. Slightly different but love them equally. I love the song The Chase just as I love the others in my catalog. Definitely a heavy hitter in my current catalog though.  

This winter I will be releasing my EP On the 7th Day. My team and I will also begin to roll out our Winter 2016 catalog for our brand We Always C in December. A LOT of new content in general coming soon.

Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

If they tell you that you cannot do something it’s because they know they can’t. Never given in to the negativity thrown your way. 



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