Catching Up On Submissions Part 4 (Best Of)

FREE Party – Alady

Rap duo’s can often sound stale, emulating either the NY power groups of the 90’s, or everyone taking turns with their verses in one song. The musical duo that is FREE Party were born and raised in Maryland, but after making their way to LA have found the inspiration to pursue their musical ambitions.

Their debut track, Alady, is, for lack of a better term, fucking amazing. They call themselves merely a ‘rap duo,’ but they bring so much more to the table. Ambient, sampled production encompasses a fury of flows that switch in tone, tempo, and content. Both artists ask a higher power, or perhaps themselves, if they are doing right in their lives. When the lyrics get heavy, a heavenly chorus cuts to give the listener a feeling of hope.

These guys are the real deal. You can stream Alady on all platforms here. 

James Gardin – Shot With You

James is not just a skilled emcee. You’ll hear all facets of his talents in his latest record, Shot With You. He uses elements of early 20th century blues, along with spoken word poetry that is just modern enough to capture your attention. James details the alcoholism that has run rampant in his family, and how he’s adopted the same coping mechanism. There is still hope in his words which you’ll hear at the end. Producer Soulseize provides the vintage instrumental to capture James’ honesty.

Matt Maratea – No One To Impress

Matt has come through with another dope record, and we’ve come to expect nothing less. He is an expert at putting together feel good records that still have a message. Matt wants to be the best, and continues to prove it though his music. His flow never falters, and production by Dan Cooper stays in tandem with Matt’s intensity.

You can stream No One To Impress on all platforms here.


Skipp Whitman doesn’t make lackluster music videos. Facts. LA Traffic is another creatively directed visual that has all of the humor and introspection we’ve come to know from the west coast rhymer. The video co-stars Melissa Vento who you’ll see in the passenger seat of Skipp’s car. Once again, Sebastian Ruiz goes crazy behind the lens along with Pat Anthony who brings the vivid colors throughout.