After A Brief Hiatus, Shon Goner Returns With His Finest Offering Yet – ‘Like This’

Philly’s finest Shon Goner dropped a hell of a debut album last August that I wrote about extensively. The project was full of club ready, r&b centric bangers that were catchy &  innovative. Shon can sing, rap, and put together cohesive albums and creative singles. He’s been gone for a minute, working on some personal issuesContinue reading “After A Brief Hiatus, Shon Goner Returns With His Finest Offering Yet – ‘Like This’”


Journell Pierre Drops His Best Song Yet With Self Produced “BEEN ME”

Journell Pierre has been on our radar for some time now, and we’ve believed in him from his very first submission. I linked with him for the official premiere of his Did Drugs EP –  a project we adored. Since then, the Philly native has put out a string of loosies which were all memorable. JournellContinue reading “Journell Pierre Drops His Best Song Yet With Self Produced “BEEN ME””

Philly Duo The Village Overcome Obstacles In Their Standout Record “OverDraft”

When Philly up and comers The Village (Dizzy & Mayes) hit me up to share their newest track OverDraft, I was immediately drawn in with their SoundCloud description: “Relatable stories with a feel good hook you can vibe to.” Although a concise statement, it captures everything this standout record is. Both share intricate details ofContinue reading “Philly Duo The Village Overcome Obstacles In Their Standout Record “OverDraft””

The Village Drops The Second Visual Off Their Celebrated G.O.D. LP

The talented duo The Village (out of Philly) have dropped another strong visual off their celebrated G.O.D. LP. This one is titled On My Way, and is my favorite of the two. On My Way has elements of a smokers anthem, but stays intelligent and endearing. They express their love for hip hop, and how making music keepsContinue reading “The Village Drops The Second Visual Off Their Celebrated G.O.D. LP”

Coast + WiLL – Pace (New Track)

PA natives Coast + WiLL have really upped their game. In their newest record, Pace, they have shown lots of growth from last year’s EP Waves, Vibes, Tings. While the project is pretty solid, it is Pace that has really impressed me. I got no information on the producer, but the beat is as upbeat as you’ll get inContinue reading “Coast + WiLL – Pace (New Track)”

NxG (feat. Emma Lynam) – Breezy (New Track)

What can I say about Noah (aka NxG) ? He has become a close friend since I started flowsfordays; continuously supporting my career and the blog itself. We’ve talked endlessly about hip hop, sharing links of music we’ve discovered on SoundCloud, or listening to new albums together. Before my readers think I’m posting his musicContinue reading “NxG (feat. Emma Lynam) – Breezy (New Track)”

Tayyib Ali – In The Sky (Video)

Philly’s finest Tayyib Ali has been working diligently on his upcoming LP, The Most High. He’s gotten major press for his work, with credits from Mac Miller, Lil Uzi Vert, Logic and many more. Dude gets around – but his music and grind match his success. A short while ago he released an excellent single, WaistContinue reading “Tayyib Ali – In The Sky (Video)”

LiMM – Wasn’t Right (New Track)

Philly artist LiMM REALLY stepped things up on his newest track Wasn’t Right. You may have caught our post on his EP back in December. We weren’t feeling all the songs, but we saw potential. Wasn’t Right brings together all the best qualities of LiMM…his ability to make a catchy chorus, and a perfect balanceContinue reading “LiMM – Wasn’t Right (New Track)”

Corey Lee – A Shot In The Dark (New Project)

In the first track off Corey Lee’s debut album, he mentions how Biggie had a story to tell – and that he told it well. You could the exact same thing as A Shot In The Dark. We’ve been posting cuts from Corey since October, specifically part 1 and 2 to Corey Album Coming. While I wroteContinue reading “Corey Lee – A Shot In The Dark (New Project)”

Tawobi (feat. Patnelso) – Too Short (New Track)

Tawobi is a fellow HBC member (see our profile on the Philly collective here) who makes music for the oddballs. He is great at distorting his vocals, using crushing, experimental production, and adding unconventional choruses. His newest song, Too Short, goes in a different direction that is more accessible and easier on the ears. Don’t worry – his personality stillContinue reading “Tawobi (feat. Patnelso) – Too Short (New Track)”