NxG (feat. Emma Lynam) – Breezy (New Track)

What can I say about Noah (aka NxG) ? He has become a close friend since I started flowsfordays; continuously supporting my career and the blog itself. We’ve talked endlessly about hip hop, sharing links of music we’ve discovered on SoundCloud, or listening to new albums together.

Before my readers think I’m posting his music because he is a friend of mine…let me say my piece. He’s been submitting his music for months now, and haven’t been feeling most of it – and I’ve been vocal about it with him. He’s taken it all in stride, as a true artist does.

But, his newest release Breezy, has shown incredible growth from his previous drops. One of his favorite artists of all time is Earl Sweatshirt, and is influence is obvious on this short record. He doesn’t bite – only uses Earl’s rhyme structure. Breezy is the first single off of NxG’s upcoming solo project with Lithuanian lofi producer, Antik.

Look forward to that by following him on SoundCloud.