Philly Duo The Village Overcome Obstacles In Their Standout Record “OverDraft”

When Philly up and comers The Village (Dizzy & Mayes) hit me up to share their newest track OverDraft, I was immediately drawn in with their SoundCloud description: “Relatable stories with a feel good hook you can vibe to.” Although a concise statement, it captures everything this standout record is. Both share intricate details of their life – taking us along with them through their triumphs and tribulations. You’ll easily get lost in their smooth rhymes accompanied by a slow and steady beat from TazTaylor. You’ll learn about a sister walking again, hoop dreams, and overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

The Village have realized they are better people after fighting through their struggles, and appreciate what they have and continue to be blessed with. OverDraft is all about growth – a relatable track that will speak to a number of people who may be in a place in their lives where they want to give up.