LyriQ The Misfit – Indigo Soul (New Project)

LyriQ The Misfit is one of the most promising rappers in the windy city. He keeps me up to date on all of his new releases, and I’m always blown away at what he sends. We’ve featured him a number of times, and I’ve always hoped a full album was in the works. Well, todayContinue reading “LyriQ The Misfit – Indigo Soul (New Project)”


LyriQ The Mi$FiT – Sweater Weather (Ode To Love) (New Track)

West Side of Chicago’s LyriQ The Mi$FiT hit our pages back in November with an excellent song titled Wake Up Call. We truly enjoyed it…and we are happy to feature his newest cut Sweater Weather. He prides himself on making music that is full of self-examination and self-exploration in relation to the things going on aroundContinue reading “LyriQ The Mi$FiT – Sweater Weather (Ode To Love) (New Track)”

LyriQ The Mi$fit – Wake Up Call (New Track)

LyriQ The Mi$fit has a lot on his mind and he knows exactly how to express it. Well, more so vent (as you’ll hear directly in the chorus.) This is head bobbing music and so relatable. The producer of Wake Up Call, Cody Rounds, provided an excellent beat full of “oohs” “ahhs” and thumping bass.Continue reading “LyriQ The Mi$fit – Wake Up Call (New Track)”