LyriQ The Mi$fit – Wake Up Call (New Track)

LyriQ The Mi$fit has a lot on his mind and he knows exactly how to express it. Well, more so vent (as you’ll hear directly in the chorus.) This is head bobbing music and so relatable. The producer of Wake Up Call, Cody Rounds, provided an excellent beat full of “oohs” “ahhs” and thumping bass.

Chicago continues to create some of the best and most diverse hip hop in the country and LyriQ is one of the artists that is proving this. I’d also like to note that Sean Williams absolutely killed the cover art on this one. It’s just beautiful. I’d like to leave you with some thoughts on the meaning of the song from LyriQ himself:

Waking up can be confusing and sometimes some don’t want to wake up. Some seem woke, but are really sleep walking. I woke up and I knew I’d have obstacles to overcome cause finding myself was never easy.