LyriQ The Misfit – Indigo Soul (New Project)

LyriQ The Misfit is one of the most promising rappers in the windy city. He keeps me up to date on all of his new releases, and I’m always blown away at what he sends. We’ve featured him a number of times, and I’ve always hoped a full album was in the works.

Well, today we’ve gotten it in Indigo Soul. I love reviewing new projects. It improves my writing, challenges me, and is always a rewarding experience. But often the commentary from the artist is the best write up, and the only one that turly matters. LyriQ had a lot to say in his submission, and although it may look lengthy, it’s interesting and essential to read before giving this amazing LP a full listen.

The Program? Even though at that time i didn’t know what it had to do with what was happening around me it still got me thinking. Thinking for myself and once i started thinking for myself i started seeing. I was gaining sight of the things around me. I was starting to see myself as well. I began to want to know me and the best way to know someone is to ask questions. Even tho i felt like i was asking the right questions at the time, i never felt like the answers i found were right. I needed more time alone. More time to grow. There’s a calmness in solitude. I still had questions that needed answers. I wasn’t satisfied to say the least and that took a toll on me. A toll that almost cost me everything. But looking back I’m surprised at how strong i was then. At my darkest hours god always found a way to guide me towards the light. No matter what i did with that light.
        Of or in a state of unconsciousness for a prolonged period or indefinite period. It felt like a dream. It was raining when we were cruising down Lake Shore Drive as though riding the Flying Nimbus. Laughing our problems away,but there was something weighing on my mind and my chest starts to tighten. My eyes were opening and ecstatic like a baby being born and seeing the world for the first time. I guess it was my time to wake up. And my thoughts swiftly lead me to her. I guess i was in my feelings. It often happens when i thought of her. I often wondered if she’d be down for someone like me. Idk maybe i was asking for too much, but i guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. “You down?” Is Me being wrapped up in things i could never control because if i have to ask is it even real?
         Home. Noun; the place where one lives permanently. The way i saw it we had no home. But I was slowly learning that home is where my love resides. I was learning to love me, my people, and the world not for what they were or for what they are. But for what they can be and we can be anything. Learning this is the only way i could’ve made it this far. While finding myself i learned to not only count my blessings but to understand my blessing word to Chi Blu. I rushed towards whatever my soul lead me to and saw things as tho seeing them for the first time and i didn’t like what i saw. Not in the least.
          I still often find myself questioning who i am but my story doesn’t end here. Who you want me to and who i want to be are different things. At the end of the day i choose who I’m going to be and you just get to spectate and watch my story unfold. So sit back and enjoy