Snowy Joey Displays Versatility In New Track ‘Did Something’

At the end of Snowy Joey’s latest record, Did Something, he adlibs “you know how n***** be talking they stuff on songs, know what I’m saying, just saying nothing but they saying a lot…a lot of nothing.” Clever and adapt wordplay from the Chicago representative, and FFD regular. Snowy has made a steady rise in the city’s hip hop scene due to his irresistibly catchy, uptempo tracks like Bad Boy, reflective visuals, and a flawless EP.

He’s only getting better and Did Something is the perfect example of his growth. Snowy uses his cleverness to drop punchlines, let loose, and provide his own melodic chorus. No song can be great without a skilled producer; such is the case with this song. Elijah Love somehow put together a down-tempo, yet upbeat instrumental that only progresses in sound. It serves as a foolproof backdrop for Snowy to display his range that all great artists should continue to develop.

**Bonus: Check out my interview and premiere with Snowy Joey here.

Stream Did Something on Apple Music.

Stream Did Something on Spotify.


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