Snowy Joey Drops Catchy, Confident, and Uptempo Single “Bad Boy” (flowsfordays’ Co-Sign)

📸 : @daminati0n & @great_nimy

4 months ago, Chicago south-sider Snowy Joey dropped his most heartfelt and conscious project yet in See You Soon. He’s been dropping music for a year now, and continues to show his versatility as a lyricist and a man. Joey is going in yet another direction with his upcoming project Snow 4. If you’ve heard his music before, you know he’s a skilled MC with a strong personality – but has yet to dabble in more commercial territory.

He promises Snow 4 will have catchy hooks, accessibility, and tunes meant to dance to. In preparation for the upcoming LP, Joey has released the first single, Bad Boy. Cxdy x Lezter provide the bouncy, uptempo beat, while Joey talks his shit. He utilizes a unique and confident flow with enough punchlines to satisfy any hip hop head. If Bad Boy is any indication of Snow 4, we’re in for quite a treat.