FFD Premiere: Ruste Juxx & M-Dot – ‘Guilty’ (New Track)

When I wrote about M-Dot for the first time, the words came swiftly, and easily. That post, over a year ago, was perhaps the longest single write up I have ever done. No one made me do it, and I didn’t have a goal in mind. It was the visual, Chrissy, that did all of the work for me. It ‘made me shed tears’ and tore out my heart, soul, and all that I had always kept in.

That being said, don’t forget M-Dot is an OG full and full, so best believe he can spit raw and gritty rhymes at the drop of a hat. Linking with Ruste Juxx, another legend who I’ve been listening to for years, could only result in greatness – which is exactly what Guilty is. I’ve been trying to write about it for awhile now, getting more and more frustrated with every attempt. My words could never describe all that it is. The record is full of ricocheting production, bouncing off the wall delivery, and both MC’s checking each other lyrically. The artwork is an apt (and creative) representation of what Guilty is all about. So much is packed into 2 and a half minutes that it’s best to let the music speak for itself. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!