Wil Akogu Drops His Long Awaited EP ‘Zone 1’

Taking the time you need to finish a project is key to longevity in this industry. FFD favorite Wil Akogu put his heart and soul into Zone 1, a new EP that he refused to rush. He started the year right with an incredible two parter titled Riches/The One followed by some looses, a single, and a handful of experimental collaborations.

Wil Akogu’s long-awaited Zone 1 EP was worth the wait. There is no doubt the Chicago native has the bars to stand tall amongst MC’s of all caliber, but progression is an inevitable part of being an artist. Zone 1 isn’t packed with Wil’s lyrical prowess (besides dope cuts like Vintage M.V.P. (Dear Kendrick Lamar); but rather a grab bag of ambient soundscapes, dark tones, and lackadaisical flows.

Wil shows confidence on tracks like Black Diamonds; a metaphorical anthem based on celebrating and uniting his people. There are also boundary breaking cuts such as Zone 1 and Blind that are equal parts shocking as they are brilliant. Although Zone 1 finds inspiration from multiple genres, there is cohesion in Wil’s story of his past, present, and bright future. Get in tune.