We all know Chicago’s Wil Akogu can rap. He’s proven it time and time again, dropping music full of fast paced rhymes & intricate bars. Progression is an important part of any MC’s development, and Wil has slowly begun to do so. Last April saw an acoustic performance with a lone guitar and Wil’s vocals. This year he’s truly come into his own, perfecting his eclectic sound. His new EP Zone 1 is dropping soon, and in anticipation Wil has released a few diverse singles. His newest, Cash Out, is him at his most confident – linking with MikeWavvs to showcase his addictive adlibs and pop mentality. He gets his Drake on, sharing his desire for a “real one” that’ll stay down for him no matter what. Can you relate?

Look out for Zone 1 hitting airwaves soon.