Fuck Kanye’s ye, ANXT’s ‘Keep Your Eyes Straight And Your Mouth Shut’ Is What You Should Be Bumpin’

After 2 impressive singles (#1 & #2) Chicago’s ANXT has finally blessed us with his new EP Keep Your Eyes Straight And Your Mouth Shut. Fuck Kanye’s newest publicity stunt LP, this is the shit you should be bumping. Why? KYESAYMS is the purist form of introspection from an MC, put together with an eclectic mix of beats, poetic musings from the dark side, and straight up bars. You may just confront your demons in 6 tracks, but still get hype. Bangers, odd (yet effective) instrumentation (did I hear cowbells?) and atmospheric noise are evenly dispersed and sequenced to fit the storyline.

I am in complete awe of ANXT – a low key (but should be high-key) genius that never stops pulling at my heartstrings. Unfortunately, Kanye will get unwarranted attention, (sorry, not sorry) streams, unnecessary editorial content, and appreciation for his music which, in turn, will “ok” his atrocious comments and attitude. I’ll save this for another story. Regardless, Keep Your Eyes Straight and Your Mouth Shut is in my top 5 projects of the year.