Julie’s Favorite Track From Ozay Moore’s New LP “In The Wake Of O”

In Part 2 of my “Catching Up On Submissions” post, I featured a Michigan cat named Ozay Moore. He recently dropped a well-rounded project titled In The Wake Of O which featured his unique perspectives on personal experiences and more grandiose themes. I felt refreshed after listening, and want to share my favorite track of the bunch

Crowd Move is a 3 man operative featuring Ozay, Ohmega Watts, and Braille. Unlike many MC’s in the blogosphere, they stray away from insulting the competition and pushing listeners to believe they are better. The record expresses their goal in recording and performing – to make the crowd move. Each rapper put together light-hearted, yet intricate bars that effortlessly flow. Although almost 5 minutes long, Crowd Move is an easy and enjoyable listen and isn’t one verse after the other. The trio moves back and forth, responding to one MC, then taking control of the track. A key component of the record is the instrumental from Stro Elliot who has worked with The Roots – my favorite hip-hop group of all time.

Ozay Moore had this to say about Crowd Move:

In 2007 Braille, Ohmega Watts, and I began working on what would’ve been our final Lightheaded album, Lo-Fi Heights. With each member living in different states, it was difficult to create the same level of synergy we once had. This magic was the byproduct of a window of time where we spent an absorbent amount of life together. Our chemistry on and off stage was so in sync that Lightheaded compositions almost wrote themselves with little to no interruptions in the creative process. “Crowd React” captured the essence of Lightheaded’s live show in true crew fashion. The song actually served as a lifeline to the idea of finishing the album one day. With some honest conversations between us three and a developing solo album in my hands, we decided it was time to share a piece of the magic.

You can stream and download Crowd React on all platforms. Ozay always includes the instrumental and acapella – a true hip-hop head move. I highly recommend checking out the album which you can stream and download below. If you click the Bandcamp link you can purchase the album on CD and vinyl.