Rebel Kuzco Drops Jam-Heavy Visual to Latest Track ‘Juice’

Grand Rapids, Michigan is rarely talked about within hip hop circles. Yet, 2018 has shown us that talent can come out of any city, suburb, state, and country. Luckily, much has changed, and hip hop heads no longer focus on location, but on the music itself. Although Rebel Kuzco hasn’t put out a lot of music,Continue reading “Rebel Kuzco Drops Jam-Heavy Visual to Latest Track ‘Juice’”


CJ Warren Makes His Comeback With Self Produced Track ‘Return Of The Dragon’

CJ Warren is a serious hip hop head. He produces unique records and has obvious skills on the mic. This year he’s only dropped instrumentals. To his credit, there are over 20, and all super interesting. It’s been awhile since he’s put out a track showcasing his lyrics, but now seems to be the perfect time.Continue reading “CJ Warren Makes His Comeback With Self Produced Track ‘Return Of The Dragon’”

Julie’s Favorite Track From Ozay Moore’s New LP “In The Wake Of O”

In Part 2 of my “Catching Up On Submissions” post, I featured a Michigan cat named Ozay Moore. He recently dropped a well-rounded project titled In The Wake Of O which featured his unique perspectives on personal experiences and more grandiose themes. I felt refreshed after listening, and want to share my favorite track of theContinue reading “Julie’s Favorite Track From Ozay Moore’s New LP “In The Wake Of O””

After Pxrty – GSN (New Track)

In our last post on Michigan’s After Pxrty, we wrote about his “unconventional flow and abstract rhyming.” This stays true for his newest drop, GSN, but it is definitely an easier listen. He’s about to drop a new EP titled No Rest for the Wicked that Pxrty has said is inspired by Clipse’s album Hell Hath No Fury. The comparison isContinue reading “After Pxrty – GSN (New Track)”

After Pxrty – 99 Problems (New Track)

Michigan’s After Pxrty has been a friend of mine for some time now – but our relationship had nothing to do with this post. We’ve actually never featured a song from him on flowsfordays, but we couldn’t pass on his newest, 99 Problems. You’ll notice he has an unconventional flow; rhyming that may take youContinue reading “After Pxrty – 99 Problems (New Track)”

Waldo – Inner Killer (Video)

Walked in the booth like honey I’m home That’s the first line we get from Waldo’s song Inner Killer.  Let’s just take a moment to let that seep in. The song kills and now we have the official music video. Waldo is from Michigan so I was surprised to see shots all around Chicago. Perhaps theContinue reading “Waldo – Inner Killer (Video)”