Catching Up On Submissions Part 2 (Best Of)

Sareem Poems and Ess Be put their heart and soul into their new collab Dance For the Dead. The only introduction you need is the cover art. While listening, read Sareem’s excerpt on why he created it, along with some analysis:

“Dance for the Dead is an upbeat single that I begin writing over the summer of 2017. It’s about reflection & celebration of those who battled in the past. So we could have the freedom’s we enjoy now in the present. There is still much work to be done when it comes to equality. The current state of the world is a mess. However, to remember that it was worse than it is today, to remember people fought & died for what’s available to us now, is to stand tall and proud. When I say “Hallelujah” I mean it as an expression of rejoicing. When I say “Amen” I mean the assertion of hearty approval. When I say “Devils” I mean someone or something evil, hurtful or wicked. When I say “Church” I mean a specific group of Believers, not a building.”

“Got new stories ain’t been told.” Thus marks the beginning of a surely prosperous year for our man D2X. Dude has shown up on FFD plenty of times, but I’ve never heard him rap with such clarity. On Nites, D elegantly lays out the lessons he’s learned over the last year, and how they have made him stronger and wiser. Glohan Beats brings twists and turns in the production, mixing distortion, static, and brief interludes for a galaxtical audio experience. D2X also speaks directly to impatient MC’s who are worried they won’t make it. Nites is a loosie for now, but may be included on his debut album dropping later this year.

Last summer I told ya’ll to watch out for T2 Ghetto Hippie. I went so far as to title our interview T2 Ghetto Hippie is Ready To Redefine Houston Hip Hop With The Release of His Newest EP.”  T has since graced the pages of Noisey, NPR, Mass Appeal and other media outlets – proving I was spot on. He has continued to put out quality content, most notably in his self-directed visual IDGAF. The track (which we covered upon release) is a pop-rap ditty that showcases his bar for bar skill, lax but effective flow and directing chops to boot. Credit must be given to Jason “Jdub” Williams for the vibrant animation, AluceVison for shooting and editing, and the producer of IDGAF – Rockaway. Peep our exclusive interview here, and the aforementioned EP here.

I love when albums like In The Wake Of O hit my inbox. Seattle rhymer Ozay is an intellectual at heart, but hip hip to the core. He can match bar for bar but has a good ear for production and outside features. His expertise is storytelling without growing stale, using a unique perspective to shed light on personal experiences and more grandiose themes. Throughout his life, Moore has seen a lot, done a lot, and Wake is a reflection of his journey in and outside of being an MC. Moore is no longer a young, ambitious rapper from Seattle focused solely on writing rhymes and traveling the world. Instead, he’s a family man in Lansing, MI having to strike a balance between his artistic goals and what’s best for his wife and two kids.

Balance is the driving factor in The Wake Of O. Moore’s press release was superb, and I’d like to close with a vital excerpt from the email:

“As the album unfolds, Moore grapples with the decision to drop the Othello moniker, his faith, racial politics in the U.S. and the impact of hip-hop on his life. The word “wake” can mean many things, and In the Wake of O takes into account every single one. With an exceptional set of producers including Stro Elliot, Tall Black Guy, Ess Be, Freddie Joachim and Ohmega Watts, Wake is a seamless blend of boom bap crunch and soulful grooves. With guest appearances by Braille, Sareem Poems, Jahshua Smith, James Gardin and Propaganda the wordplay is as on point as it is thought to provoke.

Self-deception sabotages personal development and can be toxic in the way of establishing healthy relationships. “Transparent See”, is a plea for truth… Gods truths. To see things how He sees them. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the source of hard-wired thinking errors or unveil the motivations of the heart. Truth is the entry point to liberation.”


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