Houston’s T2 Rises Above The Hate In His Newest Single ‘IDGAF’

More and more artists are speaking on injustice, political strife, and racial tensions throughout America. There is much more to discuss, as atrocities continue to happen in the country we used to call “the land of the free,” but I’ll save that for later.

While these issues have persisted since the dawn of time, more are being heard thanks to SoundCloud and other streaming services. Expression through music is always nice to hear, but it can often be very blunt (sonically) and can be difficult to stay with till the end.

This is not the case with Houston’s T2 newest track IDGAF. It’s an easy listener, as he shows no signs of anger. The content is relevant, and kept me interested throughout the almost 5 minute record. Production comes from Chris Rockaway, along with scratches from DJ Baby Roo. Their contributions are much appreciated.

T2 is known for his love of Houston culture, and portrays it effectively in this single. He’s released a few others off his upcoming album Double Cups & Taco Trucks; one even featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast’s for the SXSW 2017 preview. His music is spreading, and it is well deserved.

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